The all-new 10th-generation iPad from Apple

By Mahnoor Mushtaq - Oct 19, 2022

It shouldn't be a surprise that the 10th-generation iPad is one of the most eagerly awaited future tablet releases, given Apple's recent hot streak with its tablet offerings. The standard iPad is never the most visually appealing or remarkable, but it's typically the one that gets purchased the most. And we anticipate that the tenth-generation iPad will be no different.
The all-new 10th-generation iPad from Apple


We heard speculations that Apple intended to reuse the iPad Air's older design for the cheaper iPad. This would require an increase to a 10.5-inch display, but instead, we got a 10.9-inch show with 2360 by 1640 resolution at 264 PPI as opposed to the 9th generation iPad's 2160 by 1620 resolution. It's not just a more prominent display than before, which is terrific news. Like the 11-inch iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad mini, the new collection is Liquid Retina. Contrary to earlier models, including the 9th generation model, which is still available, which only arrived in silver or Space Gray, the newer models now come in various colors, including blue, pink, yellow, and silver.


Currently, little is known about the exact internal specifications of the 2022 iPad, except for one significant fact: it's supposed to be powered by Apple's A14 Bionic CPU. The iPad from the previous year, which used an A13, is an improvement over this one. The iPhone 12 and iPad Air 4 currently have the A14 Bionic, and these devices benefit from it. According to Apple, the A14 performs 30% better than the A13. Customers should notice an improvement when comparing the 2021 iPad to the 2022 model. Along with improving performance, an A14 chip might enable the iPad 10th generation to offer 5G connectivity, which the 9th generation device cannot achieve. The iPad 2022 may only support 4GB RAM because it runs on the A14, based on the features of the iPhone 12 and iPad Air 4. It's not the end of the world because that is relatively typical for a base model Apple tablet, but it is unquestionably not an upgrade from the device from the previous year.
The all-new 10th-generation iPad from Apple


According to renderings that surfaced weeks before the device's official release, the new iPad would be a little bit bigger, measuring 248mm x 179mm x 6.98mm instead of 250mm x 174mm x 7.50mm for the present model. The measurements are now known to be as follows:
  • 7.07 inches (179.5 mm) by 9.79 inches (248.6 mm) by 0.28 inches (7 mm).
  • Prior models had dimensions of 9.8 inches (250.6 mm) by 6.8 inches (174.1 mm) and 0.29 inches (7.5 mm).
  • The new model is therefore marginally more comprehensive, but not quite as tall as the previous one. Additionally, it is a little thinner.
  • The new model weighs 1.07 pounds (487 grams) as opposed to the Wi-Fi models' 1.05 pounds (477 grams), a very modest weight reduction.

Price & Release Date

The iPad 2022 is expected to have an official release date until 26 October. While it was safe to predict that the new tablet would be unveiled at Apple's "Far Out" event along with the Apple Watch Ultra and the iPhone 14, the firm has other plans as it was a surprising no-show. Like the iPad 8th generation, the price of the iPad 9th generation is $329. The cost of the iPad 10th generation might remain at $329, or it might increase. The iPhone 14 was expected to cost more than the iPhone 13 before it was formally launched, but that was not the case. Although it's too soon to say, it's something to hold onto.

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