Analyst and supply chain report Apple iPhone SE cancellation

By Zernab Farooqi - Jan 10, 2023

There will not be a new iPhone SE released by Apple in 2024, according to several reports.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst in the tech sector, speculates that Apple has already notified its supply chain that it would not be manufacturing an entry-level iPhone model of the fourth generation.

According to the post he published on Medium, this has a significant influence on Apple's goals and aspirations for the future.

The first significant modification is that it will no longer produce the iPhone SE family of devices, which was originally introduced in 2016 and most recently modified in 2018. (2022). As a direct consequence of this, it raises questions about Apple's capability of incorporating its own 5G modem inside the iPhone 16. (Also to be anticipated in 2024)

Analyst and supply chain report Apple iPhone SE cancellation

It has been rumoured that Apple has been working on building its own modem gear in order to transition away from utilising chips manufactured by Qualcomm. According to Kuo, the business had the intention of putting a commercial version of the modem through its paces on the next-generation iPhone SE.

In spite of this cancellation, he asserts that Qualcomm will continue to cooperate with Apple at least through the iPhone 16 because the Cupertino company does not yet provide a viable 5G solution.

According to Kuo, Apple postponed the deployment of the product because the company was "concerned that the performance of its own baseband processor would not be as outstanding as Qualcomm's." The original release date for the product was 2024. The processor would then make its debut in the iPhone SE 4, which is Apple's entry-level model "[It] would then determine whether or not to allow the iPhone 16 to adopt it based on the present status of its development, which would be the determining factor. With the announcement that Apple would no longer produce the iPhone SE 4, the chance of Qualcomm becoming the exclusive vendor of baseband chips for the forthcoming iPhone 16 series has increased considerably."


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