Android users might start replacing WhatsApp conversations with Google Messages

By Ramsha Umer - Oct 30, 2022

In a technology-driven world, enthusiast tech companies are always in search of creating a revolution through their innovative smartphones and electronic devices. Besides manufacturing new devices, major smartphone companies improve their minute features in prevailing models. Leading companies like Google put their maximum efforts to be fully charged in the ever-expanding competition with fellow tech giants while encouraging its consumers to employ their latest features.
Android users might start replacing WhatsApp conversations with Google Messages
All smartphone applications get incredibly updated features every couple of months. Google participates in advancing the basic message application to another level rather than merely being used for sending and receiving text messages. To chat with other sorts of messages that obtain media files, reactions to send and receive texts, GIFs, or stickers, a user needs third-party apps and an internet connection to be able to use these applications. As we all are aware, the stock messaging app is handy but limits the user to basic chatting with text messages only. Most of us even have abandoned using it since the app does not support beyond our basic texting requirements. Third-party apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and others, fill this gap and provide numerous exciting features to make messaging experience vibrant and lively. Apple, renowned for bringing the latest technology to the market back in 2011, launched an iMessage app for its consumers. The app proved to be a hit with the unique concept of transforming a plain stock messaging app into an enjoyable substitute that can work exactly like a third-party application. The company’s purpose behind making its version of WhatsApp is to gather its entire lot of loyal users under the umbrella of its own applications. Google never seemed to be interested in reproducing an android variant of iMessage or WhatsApp. Nevertheless, the company endeavors to develop equally capable alternative devices with enhanced features for Android users. Here again, the thriving company is on its mission to transform its stock messaging app into an updated and efficient third-party application.
Android users might start replacing WhatsApp conversations with Google Messages
Swirling rumors revealed that Google is trying to reform Google Messages to facilitate its users by making an app that works like WhatsApp. This third-party app, WhatsApp includes plenty of features where people spend hours on a single app. For the time being, Google is reportedly testing just a few features from the widely acclaimed app to evaluate feedback from consumers and tech geeks. This reformation includes improvement of the sent messages indications and the tech company is apparently testing three different indicators to lift that feature. Similarly, as WhatsApp operates, these indicators provide the sent message status. If there’s a single checkmark, it represents the message is sent from your end yet not delivered to the other person. If there’re two checkmarks, it is an indication that your message is delivered but not read. Lastly, when you get two filled-out checkmarks, it means that the receiver has read your messages. We can identify this feature as we all have sent messages on WhatsApp where a single tick means sent, double ticks mean that it’s delivered, and blue ticks mean seen. Google wants its users to return to Google-made applications rather than dwelling around these third-party applications. However, the company will have to go a long way to make its users shift from these applications to its official messages app.

Expected Availability

As of now, Google is allegedly working and testing to present this feature in the best possible way. Even though, the authorities haven’t shared anything on its official platforms about the release date. Nonetheless, we may have this feature soon as per many leaks renders. But hopefully, we will have a text of sent, delivered, or seen, rather than those checkmarks. Would Google be able to push its limits to provide all the demanded features of its buyers in a single Google Message app?

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