Apple allegedly bring Apple Watch with Micro LED in 2024

By Ramsha Umer - Jan 4, 2022

Jeff Pu is a renowned tech analyst who revealed that Apple would introduce its first micro-LED Apple Watch with an even larger display. The premium Apple Watch Ultra got released last September. Although its target market mainly was sports enthusiasts, it also gained massive fame due to its high-resolution display and long battery life.

Apple Watch and Inexpensive AirPods Might Launch next year

A report from Hong Kong investment firm Haitong International Securities unveiled that Apple is gearing up to bring a high-end Apple Watch with a 2.1-inch micro-LED display. Pu’s research note presents that the latest technology of micro-LED will enhance the user experience. The advanced technology is known for its high-resolution and peak brightness with low battery consumption. Hence, it is expected to adopt improved brightness compared to the other prevailing Apple watches with OLED screens. The anticipated second-gen watch is predicted to be a progressive model of last year’s Apple Watch Ultra with a 1.92-inch display panel.

Apple allegedly bring Apple Watch with Micro LED in 2024

Besides the updated panel, Apple will certainly introduce significant upgrades in its upcoming products. There is no official statement about the improved features, but we hope to have major updates in the forthcoming premium wearable, including enhanced fitness and security features. Another notable prediction from the analyst suggests that the brand will release a lower-priced variant of the premium AirPods, named AirPods Lite. The prediction does not reveal further details of the lite version, but we expect it to be less efficient than the current AirPods earbuds. Apple is allegedly working on a cheaper version of AirPods under the hood of its prestigious brand name. The leading company might endeavor to offer such a product to reach a broader scale of audience through its lower price tag.

Availability and Launch Details

Apple could launch the hyped premium wearable and the AirPods Lite this year or somewhere in 2024. However, it is the first time this rumor got fueled that Apple plans to release the latest technology smartwatch. Pu has predicted many accurate details in the past, but some of them didn’t turn up true, so we are not certain whether to believe in his predictions. The leading company might evolve its strategies to gain maximum limelight in the tech market with the passing of time.


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