Apple is allegedly releasing the next HomePod “fairly soon”

By Ramsha Umer - Jan 18, 2023

Apple always seizes the opportunity to be in the prevailing news by releasing its high-end iPhones or other latest products. The tech giant introduces advanced new gadgets with innovative features. The next generation of Apple’s HomePod was long overdue, and the launch rumors of the product have been circulating for six months now.

Apple shunned the production of its HomePod in March 2021 but after two years the firm decided to bring it back into the tech market for its loyal fanbase. The time has arrived when the forthcoming release of HomePod is affirmed by a credible source.

A reputable Bloomberg journalist, Mark Gurman said that Apple’s next HomePod device is coming “fairly soon.”

According to the report, Apple doesn’t seem to transform the anticipated HomePod with extravagant features. Nevertheless, the HomePod will arrive with some updates to survive in the market. The device’s production was stopped due to low sales. However, it is assumed to be on the affordable side to reach the maximum number of buyers to enhance its sales by selling mid-range products.

Apple is allegedly releasing the next HomePod “fairly soon”

Apple’s first-generation full-size HomePod device failed to steal the buyers’ attention and could not prevail in the tech market for a longer time. The company also launched the small-size affordable HomePod mini in the second quarter of 2020, which gained better success than its predecessor. Hence Apple decided to introduce its sequel with improved specs and a larger HomePod.

The journalist discussed numerous highly anticipated and premium Apple products in a lengthy post, where he predicted the expected release of the updated variant of the HomePod. Gurman is considered the most reliable tipster when it comes to Apple predictions.

He said last week, “The return of the larger HomePod size is still set for this year, but I wouldn’t expect anything revolutionary about it. Look for a lower price, an updated touch control panel on the top, and the S8 chip from the latest Apple Watches in a design similar to the model from 2018.”

Another Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo has also previously revealed in a tweet that Apple has been making efforts to release an upgraded version of the HomePod in the first quarter of 2023.

Estimated Launch and Availability Details:

Several rumors are swirling in the tech industry regarding the expected launch of HomePod in 2023. Apple would most likely launch the product in a month or two, as hinted by Gurman. There are no further details concerning its features and specifications, but we expect the leading company to bring the HomePod device in a fairly decent quality.


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