Apple is Reportedly Reducing iPhone 14 Plus Production

By Ramsha Umer - Oct 20, 2022

The iPhone 14 Plus does not receive the grand feedback among the other extensively advanced iPhones. Apple launched five smartphone models in 2022, which according to several tech geeks, is not a smart move by the multi-national company. Apple reportedly has asked a supplier company from China to halt the production of an element of the iPhone 14 Plus shortly after the launch, according to The Information. The company might want to estimate the demands before resuming the production of the smartphone. Two more companies that are known for iPhone component assembling also have stopped manufacturing up to 70% to 90% allegedly. As per another report, Apple has instructed the supplier companies to elevate the 14 Pro and Pro Max Production. While authorities remain silent without any comment on the statement. The iPhone modules are assembled in excessive secrecy by their supplier companies. Hence, we don’t have the complete picture so far of whether the company plans to resume iPhone 14 Plus production or not.
Apple is Reportedly Reducing iPhone 14 Plus Production
Loyal consumers seem to prefer more iPhone 14, Pro Max, to the Plus model, even though the company set a price of $899 for the Plus model and Pro Max for $1,099. Why would a consumer buy an iPhone 14 Plus if he could buy an iPhone 14 Pro Max with great modification, also when there’s just a difference of 200$ in the prices? In keeping with Bloomberg’s shared information, “Apple shares fell 3.9% in New York Wednesday morning to $145.90. The shares are down 18% this year, compared with a 23% drop in the S&P 500 Index”. According to Bloomberg, demand for the new models did not lift to the mark as anticipated. However, Apple has endless zealous users who do not resist paying for pro-level smartphones, but the entry-level smartphones, unfortunately, failed to gain popularity among tech enthusiasts.
Apple is Reportedly Reducing iPhone 14 Plus Production
Cutting off iPhone 14 Manufacturing: Initial Signs Ming-Chi Kuo is a TF Securities analyst, who recently shared a report on the pre-launch orders of this year’s iPhone models. The report results showed the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus got 45% of the Average Selling Price (ASP) and which is considered an underwhelming rating. A further detailed study of the published data reveals that the iPhone 14 Plus is even more unlikeable than the previous year's iPhone 13 mini. The iPhone 14 Plus is allegedly about to vanish from the market soon. In the same manner, just how the large-scale company cut off 13 mini-productions. Famous for his accurate tweets, he posted earlier that the 14 series would not make a massive impact on the tech company, but he retreated with his prediction that the productivity boost would transfer to the 14 Pro and Pro Max. While referring to demand for entry-level iPhone 14 and 14 Plus as smartphones that are “obviously lackluster.”

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