Apple shifts over USB-C adapter to conform with EU guidelines: Official Announcement

By Ramsha Umer - Oct 28, 2022

Apple has been working on and testing USB-C chargers for quite some time. There have even been several rumors swirling in recent months that the top leading company will soon replace its lightning cable with a USB-C charger. While numerous tech enthusiasts were evaluating that Apple would certainly comply with European regulations. However, this is the first-ever confirmation from officials that we are near to getting hold of an iPhone with a USB-C charger.
Apple shifts over USB-C adapter to conform with EU guidelines: Official Announcement
This confirmation of the news came from Apple’s vice president of worldwide marketing, Greg Joswiak, at a Wall Street Journal event. The tech company's executive shared that it was a debatable matter. Besides, it's being an undesirable way to choose for Apple, an enormous famed manufacturer that will abide by the European Union's dictations. The marketing chief signaled how dutifully Apple had followed the guiding rules in the past. As per his conversation, they are open to suggestions from the government, but when Apple engineers bring something innovative, that also should be appreciated despite disregarding them. Greg said Apple will “obviously…have to comply” with the EU forcing the tech giant, and with no other options, “we’ve no choice.” Hence, the company will be compliant with this rule too. As per the new EU standard laws, this universal charging rule is for reducing the ever-growing e-waste. To play a positive role in enhancing global ecology. The EU dictates switching to USB-C chargers as a must-have feature on all devices by 2024. This universal charging will definitely be considered an optimistic step to enhance the user experience by resolving the individual charger dilemma. Authorities have refused to pass any statement about the flagship iPhone featuring a USB-C charger so far. Nevertheless, many predictions are circulating that we might get the iPhone 15 series with a standard charging connector rather than the legendary Lightning.
Apple shifts over USB-C adapter to conform with EU guidelines: Official Announcement
Ming-Chi Kuo shared the prediction in his tweet in May that Apple will launch an iPhone with USB-C in the fall of 2023. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg too repeated Kuo’s shared news that the iPhone is likely making efforts for USB-C charging ports also, with the success of the tests, the company will hopefully release the upcoming iPhone model with USB-C somewhere in 2023. According to an official report from the European Commission, $250 Million is the enormous amount spent every year on purchasing charges by EU citizens.

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