Apple Watch Ultra begins ski and snowboard workout detection

By Ramsha Umer - Dec 2, 2022

The tech giant brand Apple launched its Watch Ultra a couple of months ago for fitness enthusiasts. The fitness-centered watch is designed to boost the physical training experience with its advanced capabilities. The company improves its premium wearable device with the help of a third-party app, Slopes. Apple Watch Ultra gets updates with new ski and snowboard workout detection. Downloading the application to your watch ultra will include these upgraded fast-processing workout features.
Apple Watch Ultra begins ski and snowboard workout detection
The Slopes' new fitness workout modes can keep a record of your skiing and snowboarding activities. Moreover, it has an automatic resort detection feature. These highly developed features fall into the premium category. Hence, the user must pay a fixed fee to get access to the latest specs, according to an article from gsmarena. The newly added application Slopes can also be used with the Watch Ultra Action button. Any user can start a workout through the app with a single press, which makes it super convenient to handle even in a rush. The connectivity aspect is only accessible to this smartwatch model and would not run with the crown or side buttons in any other Apple smart wearable. The application is usable through Siri as well, so it would also take commands from the audio instructions to provide a seamless yet enhanced experience. Furthermore, when a user needs to pause the Watch Ultra, he can do that easily by pressing the Action and side buttons at the same time. Since the advanced feature update is about immense snow sports, it is crucial to benefit from the water resistance quality of the Apple Watch Ultra to minimize the possibility of snow touching the display. This ability to water lock is present in all the latest Apple smartwatches. The water lock mode can be turned off by pressing down the Digital Crown for less than a minute.
Apple Watch Ultra begins ski and snowboard workout detection
Besides, Apple Watch Ultra also gets the Oceanic+ app feature, which is designed for extreme water sports athletes. Apple refers to the app as a powerful and easy-to-use dive computer that elevates the Watch Ultra's capabilities to a great extent. The newly announced workout application is made to complement scuba divers with its wide range of water resistance. Through the latest application with improved water temperature sensors, the Watch Ultra can go to the depths of the sea up to 40 meters or 130 feet. Apple released this premium Apple Watch Ultra along with two other watches, but this remains the most expensive option among them. The tech-leading company justifies its price with its larger-than-life features that can never be fully utilized by a casual citizen who isn't a sports-passionate. Here you can read more details about the Apple Watch Ultra.

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