Apple would allegedly sell the iPhone 15 Plus at lower prices in 2023

By Ramsha Umer - Jan 2, 2023

Apple has always been in the news for its high-end iPhones and advanced tech products. The iPhone 15 series would also steal the limelight in the coming year, along with its extreme update predictions. A renowned Cupertino-based tech tipster named Navar revealed that Apple is likely to adopt a reformed plan to sell the iPhone 15 series in 2023. The highly anticipated iPhone 15 series has been in the prevailing rumors right after the launch of the iPhone 14 series.

The leading company continued the legacy and sold the iPhone 14 series at higher prices. Unfortunately, there has been a decline in Apple sales of the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus, the current non-Pro iPhone 14 variants. These models failed to gain the highlight and ended up disappointing sales because Apple revealed them with almost the same features as its previous model. However, the pro variants, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, got enormous fame due to their notable specifications update.

The hyped report unveiled three strategies that Apple would implement with its forthcoming iPhones. According to the leaked news, the brand will change its marketing policies to maximize the sale of premium iPhones. The iPhone 15 series must arrive with significant upgrades to live up to people’s expectations.

Apple would allegedly sell the iPhone 15 Plus at lower prices in 2023

The noteworthy prediction by Naver portrays that Apple might minimize the spec differences between the base and flagship variants. This prediction could be true, as rumors were swirling that the entire iPhone 15 series would have a Dynamic Island feature.

Another estimation says that the brand would set iPhone 15 Plus prices lower than its predecessor. Apple is expected to bring considerable differences in the price ranges of Plus and Pro models to grab buyers’ attention. The brand got criticized for setting higher prices for vanilla models without any prominent update. The iPhone 14 Plus, priced at $899, has identical features and specifications to its previous model iPhone 13 compared to the current generation, the iPhone 14 Pro at $1,099. Since there wasn’t any feature update in the non-pro models, people retained to buy the same spec device at much higher prices.

This new strategy of cheaper prices would uplift Plus variant sales, and Apple fans might purchase it more due to the lower price tag. The leading company can also identify the target audience for each model at the launch of its next-generation lineup in terms of price range and specifications.

The anticipated plan Apple is more likely to observe is to make considerable tech upgrades in the iPhone 15 Pro models than the Plus model by adding advanced features and specifications. Apple has also adopted multiple strategies to boost its marketing, and sources have revealed that the company will make notable changes.


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