Apple's Release of the New MacBook Pro 2022

By Kalsoom Khan - Oct 9, 2022

The Macbook Pro is one of the most popular and successful laptops from Apple, with a loyal customer base. Over time, the laptop has evolved significantly with various models released over the past few years. While some users have been eagerly waiting for a new Macbook Pro to be released, others are hoping that these rumours aren’t true! If you’re reading this article, we can safely assume that you fall into the latter category. There are many reasons why Macbook Pro users would want to avoid a new release. The most prominent being thermal throttling issues. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about the potential release of the Macbook Pro 2022.

MacBook Pro Price and Release Date:

The Macbook Pro was first launched in October 2016 and has since been a success every time it was launched. The laptop is known for its sleek design, excellent display, amazing battery life and powerful performance. However, it seems that not everyone can afford to buy this gorgeous laptop. The price of the new Macbook Pro is above £2,000 which makes it out of reach for many Apple fans. The Apple Macbook Pro has been a favourite among both professionals as well as college students. However, you might be wondering when will we see another launch of this laptop. There are rumours about a new Macbook Pro 2022 coming out soon but no definite date has been announced yet. However, we have done some research and found out when can we expect a new version of the Macbook Pro 2022 to be launched somewhere around October 2022 or by the end of this year.
Apple's Release of the New MacBook Pro 2022

The next-generation MacBook Pro 2022

The design of the new MacBook Pro 14-inches and 16-inches models suggests that it will include new sensors and a larger screen. There are several rumours about the size of the screen, but most predictions believe that it will be the same size as the current model. The new MacBook Pro 2022 is expected to feature a fingerprint scanner and a larger battery. Other rumours include a thinner design and the integration of Apple’s new gesture technology. The new MacBook Pro is expected to be a little more expensive than the current model and will require new accessories, such as a new charging mat.

The Pros of a Macbook Pro 2022

There’s no denying that the current Macbook Pro lineup is badly in need of an upgrade. The current model is a great laptop, but it feels old, and Apple has been desperately behind on updates. If the company manages to rectify the thermal throttling issues that have been plaguing the current lineup, the upcoming model is sure to be a huge success. Here are some of the pros of a Macbook Pro release in 2022: If the Macbook Pro release happens in 2022, you can expect a significant boost in performance compared to the current lineup. This is thanks to the inclusion of next-generation Intel chips. The 10-nanometer process of these chips will allow them to be smaller, more power efficient, and generate less heat.

The Cons of a Macbook Pro 2022

Even though the current Macbook Pro lineup is badly in need of an upgrade, there are some cons to a Macbook Pro released in 2022. Here are some of them: The biggest con of a Macbook Pro release in 2022 is the possibility of the lineup being plagued by the same thermal throttling issues that have been affecting the current model. If this happens, the new Macbook Pro would be just as frustrating to use as the current model is. The upcoming model could also be incredibly expensive, as Apple has been notorious for increasing the prices of its products. With the company trying to cash in on its new 10-nanometer manufacturing process, we could see the new Macbook Pro lineup cost significantly more than its predecessors.
Apple's Release of the New MacBook Pro 2022

Why did MacBook Pro break its tradition?

The Macbook Pro design has remained consistent since 2016. Apple even introduced the Macbook Pro 2016 edition in 2018. Although the company has not officially confirmed it, the release of a new MacBook Pro in 2022 will mark a major departure from the previous design. The main reason behind the change in design is interference from the new Apple Space Dock (ASD). The new ASD replaces all existing docking solutions, including the USB-C standard. The main advantages of this new system are its reduced design and enhanced security. Another reason for the change in design is the inclusion of the new S-charge standard. This is designed to make charging significantly faster and more efficient. The release of the new standard also means that older devices will not be compatible with the new charging solution. Another reason for the change in design is the adoption of the new U-charge standard. This standard is designed to make wireless charging more efficient.


The potential release of a new Macbook Pro is something that both loyal users and critics are looking forward to. The new design is expected to include a thinner body, a larger screen, and a faster charging system. These features will make the new MacBook Pro significantly more advanced than the current model. The only downside to the new design is the new charging mat, which is likely to be more expensive than the existing one. With an expected release date of mid-2022, we can expect the next generation of MacBook Pro to feature the latest Intel processors.

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