DaVinci Resolve Coming to iPads

By Kalsoom Khan - Oct 22, 2022

In a time where so many people are becoming more mobile, lots of software developers are rethinking their apps to make them easier to use on smaller devices. That’s why so many app developers are moving towards mobile-optimized layouts and simpler interfaces. And that’s great news for video editors who want to take their skills on the road! With that in mind, we want to tell you about Davinci Resolve and its new iPad version. This article will cover everything you need to know about the app and whether you should update your old version or get the latest one! Read on for more details!
DaVinci Resolve Coming to iPads

Why Is DaVinci Resolve Coming to iPads?

As we mentioned earlier, app developers are constantly updating their software to be more user-friendly. Take DaVinci Resolve for example. In 2018, the app released a new version tailored to mobile devices. The update included smaller icons, simplified layouts, and a new user interface. As a result, the app became easier to navigate no matter what device you were using. But why would you want to download the new app if you already have DaVinci Resolve on your computer? Well, lots of people like to take their video editing skills on the road. And, while laptops are great, they aren’t exactly portable. That’s why many video editors prefer using iPads. After all, you can slip them in your bag when you’re traveling and keep working with minimal disruption!

What’s New in the iPad Version of DAVDCI Resolve?

The new DaVinci Resolve iPad version comes with a few cool new features. For example, the app now features an improved color grading mode and a new user interface. It also comes with a dedicated page for controlling audio. Plus, there’s even an option for users to import their own background images or select from a library of stock images! In terms of importing and exporting, the app now lets you import, edit, and export videos in the original resolution no matter which device you’re using. Plus, there’s also an option for you to connect your computer to the app wirelessly to share and sync files!
DaVinci Resolve Coming to iPads

Why is DaVinci Resolve Important for Video Editors?

The world of video editing is constantly evolving, and with new technology constantly emerging, editors have to stay on top of the latest software and apps. This is why it’s important to always keep an eye on new software and apps coming out. DaVinci Resolve is a great example of this. It has plenty of features to keep even advanced users happy. And now that it’s available on iPads, it’s even easier for editors to take their skills on the road!

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