Display manufacturer BOE displays the first 600Hz gaming laptop

By Mahnoor Mushtaq - Dec 5, 2022

What occurred just now? A 16-inch laptop display with a maximum refresh rate of 600Hz was among the next goods displayed by display maker BOE at the World Display Industry Conference in China. Right now, not much is known about it because BOE won't disclose the resolution or how an LCD panel is constructed (TN, IPS, or VA). The new panel from BOE offers the highest refresh rate of any consumer display currently available. Alienware unveiled a pair of new gaming laptops with 480Hz screens earlier this year, while many other notebooks had a peak speed of "only" 360Hz. At Computex, Asus and Nvidia unveiled a monitor with a 500Hz refresh rate. However, it appears that it is still not for sale. The business displayed the 600Hz panel on a laptop with an unidentified AMD Ryzen CPU and an Nvidia RTX GPU (judging by the stickers). The screen is intended for gamers who enjoy competitive games like Overwatch 2, CS: GO, and Valorant.
Display manufacturer BOE displays the first 600Hz gaming laptop
Coincidentally, the latter recently had its frame limit increased to 600fps. It should also be simpler to achieve such high framerates with next-generation mobile GPUs, particularly if customers don't mind reducing the graphical settings.

Some important points to notice

The pixel reaction times must match such a high refresh rate, and more significantly, consumers must be able to detect the improvement. The duration between shown frames is reduced by around 8.3ms when the refresh rate of the screen is doubled from 60Hz to 120Hz. But if you go from 300Hz (3.3ms/frame) to 600Hz (1.6ms/frame), you'll only get a 1.6ms improvement or nearly five times less, so it's evident that the benefits are fading. In addition, BOE displayed an 86-inch Mini LED TV screen with 2,000 dimming zones and a maximum brightness of 1,500 nits at the same event. OLED panels that can fold in both directions, a tri-fold display in the shape of a Z, and a 17-inch screen that is already utilised in certain Asus laptops were also displayed.

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