Elon Musk says Twitter is ready to begin the Manually Authentication Program of Verified Accounts

By Ramsha Umer - Nov 28, 2022

Elon Musk stopped Twitter’s last May authentication right after he owned the application. The reevaluation was overdue for a couple of years. The acquisition of Twitter by Musk started in April 2022 and ended in the previous month. Nevertheless, he made an official statement through his Twitter account that Twitter is tentatively launching Verified in the coming week on 2nd December. It will begin the checkmark program for verified accounts with manual authentication. The new feature will offer an improvement to secure consumer data and ensure user credibility. The manual authentication of verified accounts seems to be a smart move by the new CEO of Twitter. The social media brand used to offer blue tick marks to its users without manual authentication. But unfortunately, it led to allowing fraud people to make verified accounts with blue checkmarks to impersonate several renowned actors, politicians, renowned public figures, and companies. Musk is quite vocal about reducing the impersonations on the platform to increase its authenticity. In response to a user request, the new owner stated that fake profiles will result in accounts being suspended. In the last, he added, “we shall see how it goes.”
Elon Musk says Twitter is ready to begin the Manually Authentication Program of Verified Accounts
In order to address this issue and maximize Twitter's reliability, authorities decided to use three different colors to distinguish between accounts. Musk said that the application checkmarks would be available in gold, grey, and blue. These three colors will indicate the variety of subscribers, which includes gold for companies, grey for governments, and blue for individuals. Musk summarizes his tweet by expressing that this manual authentication process is painful but necessary. However, the owner did not reveal what the process would require and whether the company has a system to verify accounts manually. There is swirling speculation about how authorities would manage to achieve the targeted goal or whether it would become vague like last year's authentication program. Although, Musk says he will offer a longer explanation in the near future, and he might reveal something even before the launch. There’s extensive hype in the tech world about Musk’s highly anticipated tweets. We expect the bilinear entrepreneur to present a new feature that will tentatively provide an improved user experience with the inclusion of this verification method. That's it for Twitter's new verification feature until the application receives the update with the coming week's launch on Friday.

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