An exciting convenient YouTube widget in your IOS 16

By Ramsha Umer - Oct 17, 2022

Google is constantly reforming its applications and their features to bring alterations in every possible way. The tech-aware company has entirely modified to iOS 16 by providing handy widgets for user convenience. With this latest feature, a user can try and use the application directly from the lock screen of his smartphone. The other prevalent apps already have their handy widgets and now YouTube has also adopted the trending feature. The most wide-ranging application has finally started following the proverb that it’s better late than never. Apple has also uplifted its capability to include more new widgets in the iOS 16 lock screen personalized feature of its iPhone lock screen. Various different apps are updating their widgets to make them a part of the iOS 16 lock screen. Similarly, any other iPhone user can have these widgets on his customized lock screen if the smartphone is updated to iOS 16. On the flip side, iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max are the only recent smartphones that already have these features on their always-on display.
An exciting convenient YouTube widget in your IOS 16
The excitement among tech enthusiasts and iPhone loyal users is admirable and exceptional. Every time even when there is any minute modification in the features, they are more than ready to try it out. When it comes to everyone’s favorite application YouTube, rumors revealed that iPhone lovers found its widget useful and exciting. The user gets an option to choose among two types of lock screen widgets. The initial widget has a “Search” option, and the latter one has advanced options to let you use the app rapidly. With this, an iPhone geek would have quick access to all the diverse options of YouTube whether it's YouTube shorts, subscriptions, or written and audio searches too. This handy YouTube widget let the user enjoy each type of video, whether they are standard long videos or shorter videos like Instagram reels or TikTok. To have videos from audio search in an eye blink is praise-worthy and got everyone’s attention. It's not a big deal to install the YouTube widget, one can do that simply by long-pressing the iPhone home screen for a while, then tapping on the add+ icon on the left corner and adding the widget by searching it. To have this widget one needs to have the most updated version of YouTube which is 17.40.5. This will definitely elevate the iPhone user experience with a customized lock screen full of chosen widgets.

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