A fan-made DIY Foldable iPhone gets hyped in the Tech market

By Ramsha Umer - Nov 11, 2022

Tech markets are always buzzing about Apple for some reason or another. This time, the tech giant company is in the rumors for not bringing a foldable device. Samsung revealed the anticipated arrival of Apple devices in the foldable phone competition. However, the alleged foldable device would likely be an iPad rather than an iPhone. But the company would take a few years to launch a foldable iPad. The ardent iPhone lovers have been waiting anxiously to have a foldable iPhone for years. Despite looking up to Apple, a tech enthusiast from China manufactured his iPhone flip instead of hopelessly delaying it to be created by the giant company. The creative Chinese YouTuber along with his team at Tech Aesthetics transformed the concept of a foldable iPhone into reality. The tech-driven people tested out many things to create an iPhone flip phone in an extended period of 12 months of innumerable hectic and failed attempts. The team managed to achieve their goal by compounding the iPhone X internal circuit with the frame of the Motorola Razr 2019. The successful product was named the iPhone V, which was finally ready to use after a lot of struggle and investment.
A fan-made DIY Foldable iPhone gets hyped in the Tech market
We have previously seen iPhone flip animated pictures and Apple foldable devices from Apple loyal fans and users. But it is the first time a fan has made a foldable iPhone and presented it to the world. The Chinese YouTuber also shared a video to showcase his innovation. Even though the clamshell iPhone is in its initial stage and there is room for improvement, this step from the zealous user is enough to persuade the company to release its official foldable device. The exciting product required advanced technology and the latest engineering methods to get the final fruitful product. The capable group of determined people used the iPhone X glass cover and 3D touch layer. The team had to sacrifice 37 iPhone X display panels in this procedure to release a functioning iPhone V. The aspiring foldable iPhone also used a couple of Motorola Razr 2019 as the house for the internal circuit. The iPhone V can be operated when folded, and all the details are portrayed explicitly in the shared video by the Chinese YouTuber. Although the video is in Chinese, one can understand the core specifications by turning on the subtitles option. At this stage, the iPhone V comes with a battery of 1000 mAh capacity. Unfortunately, the device does not have a bigger battery or wireless charging qualities because of the limited resources of the Tech Aesthetics team. It is indeed a remarkable project with enormous hard work and persistent efforts. As of now, Apple authorities haven’t shared its stance on the fan-made product and there won’t be official word on this creative project. Tech geeks around the globe expect that the hype of a fan-made foldable iPhone would presumably put some pressure on the tech giant company. Therefore, we may have the official foldable device somewhere around 2024.

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