The four best hidden features for iPhone 14 models

By Zernab Farooqi - Dec 5, 2022

Whenever a new iPhone launches, it probably comes with new features. The latest models of iPhone 14 comes with IOS 16 in 2022. As we know that up till now you have already figured out the new major and exciting features, but we have selected some of the beneficial features that you need to look for here in order to improve your life.

The Back Tap

It's possible that some of you are familiar with the back tap. Despite this, a significant number of iPhone customers are still unaware of this remarkable feature. You may activate a wide number of features on your iPhone 14 by tapping the back panel of the device. This hidden keyboard shortcut is a godsend for those times when you simply don't feel like unlocking your phone, starting an application, and enabling a feature all at the same time.
The four best hidden features for iPhone 14 models

Albums Protection

However, despite the fact that the software for the iPhone has a hidden album option, it is not difficult for anybody who has access to your device to find it. As a direct result of this, the whole album could be shown once its contents have been investigated. The newly released iPhone 14 comes equipped with a function that encrypts your private album, keeping it safe from prying eyes. When you are using the Photos app, you may reveal a little lock by tapping the bottom of the screen. Face ID or a password are required in order to see the albums that are labelled as "Hidden and Recently Deleted."

Sound Recognition

The major demographic that this product is aimed at is those who struggle to hear well in loud surroundings. When this function is activated on an iPhone, it is able to listen for a variety of sounds, including sobbing, screaming, horns, doorbells, running water, and dogs barking, and then send an alarm to the device's user in the event that any of these sounds are identified.

Adding Captions to Photos

The images that people share may be easily retrieved with the help of captions that they provide. In the event that anything significant does place, you won't have to spend time mindlessly browsing through the image collection on your phone in an attempt to pick an acceptable photo. Simply typing in the caption of the photo you're looking for will allow you to find it quickly and easily.

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