Garmin’s First LTE-connected Smartwatch, Bounce for Kids’ Optimal Security

By Ramsha Umer - Nov 17, 2022

Garmin is a renowned brand in the smart wearables market with its satisfactory performance, decent designs, and fitness tracking features. It is an impressive initiative from the thriving company to introduce a smartwatch for kids with LTE connectivity, Bluetooth, and GPS. The kids-friendly smartwatch enables the little user to text or record audio messages and can support tracking to provide a sense of security to the parents. The watch can be used without a phone with the support of the official Garmin Jr. application.
Garmin’s First LTE-connected Smartwatch, Bounce for Kids’ Optimal Security
With the GPS feature, it has become easier for guardians to look for their kids just with a few taps on their phones from indoors. The parents do not need to worry about the kid’s safety whenever the little ones are out for school or somewhere else. Because with this smart wearable, parents can keep an eye on their child's location through the smartwatch's strong tracking quality. Tech giant Apple has also released some fine-quality LTE smart wearables for kids. Obviously, not like the advanced Apple Watch Ultra or Apple Watch 8 Series, but good enough for kids to have some fitness features with an LTE connection. The Garmin kids-oriented wearable comes with a 1.3-inch LCD panel, which is relatively smaller than the other adult smartwatches of most brands. Nonetheless, it allows the naïve user to receive and send messages without a smartphone through built-in 4G LTE connectivity. Bounce weighs around 37 grams and measures up to 42 x 42.4 x 12.6mm with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. It's made for fun-loving kids who never cease to entertain themselves with innumerable fun activities. This smartwatch doesn’t restrict the young consumer from any daily activity, whether exercising, taking multiple steps, playing on the ground, or running on a skateboard. The device is available with the claims that it has water resistance up to 5 meters, but it does not likely support any water sports enthusiast kid. Hence, one should avoid wearing it in the pool or beach.
Garmin’s First LTE-connected Smartwatch, Bounce for Kids’ Optimal Security
The Bounce smartwatch tracks sleep duration so parents can track their kid's healthy sleep cycle. However, unfortunately, it does not monitor the heartbeat. It is a fact that it should have arrived with more color options for kids to select according to their wishes. But the smartwatch has limited choices of three colors: lilac, green, and black. Children would enjoy its exciting smartwatch features that are especially updated for them. Kids can play games and quizzes within the "guardian-approved" timeframe in the smart wearable. The user parents can allot a measured time duration for the kids to play games famous for enhancing IQ levels. The Garmin Jr. application lets the kid update the smartwatch with the current location simply by tapping the “check-in” option. In case a kid forgets to check in, the guardian can “refresh” through the official application to know the child's exact location. Garmin has introduced an affordable children-oriented smartwatch in the tech market with a budget-friendly price of only $149.99 US dollars. You can have the watch by placing an online order on the official Garmin website.

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