Get ready for an audio upgrade with Hidizs new DAC launch

By Zernab Farooqi - Dec 22, 2022

We are happy to share with you the news that Hidizs's most recent digital audio converter is now available for purchase (DAC). Hidizs is a technology company that has won several awards and is known for the audio solutions it provides. The arrival of the brand-new XO MQA Dongle, which is scheduled for December, will provide audiophiles with the opportunity to take their listening experience to an entirely new level.

Get ready for an audio upgrade with Hidizs new DAC launch

It is not unusual for Hidizs to provide audio products of the highest quality. Both the AP80 PRO-X and the S9 Pro are very popular products that have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers all around the globe. Now, Hidizs is offering a brand new and upgraded digital audio converter (DAC), which will elevate the quality of your listening experience to an entirely new level.

What is DAC?

Let's take a step back and go through the basics of what a digital audio converter (DAC) is before getting into what makes the Hidizs XO so unique.

An electrical device known as a Digital-to-Analog Converter (often abbreviated as "DAC") is capable of converting digital audio files into analogue signals. It does this by converting digital data, like as music files that have been saved on a computer, into sound waves that may be reproduced audibly via speakers or headphones. Consider how it transforms something that was once static (digital data) into something that is now dynamic (actual sound).

Why you have to think about purchasing a digital audio converter?

When compared to depending on the sound card that is integrated into your computer or the audio output capabilities of your phone, using a dedicated digital audio converter (DAC) in your home setup provides various benefits. A digital-to-analog converter, or DAC, that is both independent and of high-quality may improve the performance of your system by producing outputs with larger bitrates and more clarity.

A dedicated device will give you greater detail in each song's highs and lows and richer textures across all frequencies, letting you experience every note and rhythm with clarity and accuracy!

Get ready for an audio upgrade with Hidizs new DAC launch

What distinguishes the Hidizs XO?


The dongle's shell is comprised of a 5-axis CNC-machined, ultra-durable aluminum alloy. For the first time, the XO MQA Dongle's distinctive engraved design makes it stand out.

Hidizs' initials, "H," are drilled into the dongle on both sides. When coupled with the built-in RGB LED light tubes, this detailed net-shaped etching is stunning.


The Hidizs XO dongle has several interesting features. MQA 16X decoding and two ESS SABRE ES9219C DAC chips improve sound quality.

The HiBy Songs APP allows one-touch access to your favorite music. The Hidiz-patented RGB LED light enhances your listening experience.

For best sound output, the dongle has a single-ended 3.5mm and balanced 2.5mm port. The sampling rate indication light, RGB LED button, and filter mode switch enhance ease and flexibility.

The Hidizs XO dongle is Hi-Res Audio and MQA certified, ensuring high-quality sound.

The Hidizs XO supports all major digital formats, has twin headphone outputs with separate volume control, and a custom-designed amp circuit for clarity and power. Even novices may use it with the straightforward UI!

This amazing audio accessory is available for the special pre-sale price of $89 from the Hidizs website until 21 December, after which it will cost $99, so check it out!


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