Google Pixel Fold: New Specifications Revealed

By Ramsha Umer - Oct 17,2022

Google always makes sure that they bring variations in their devices, such as Android phones, smartwatches, laptops, and even the recent Pixel Tablet. For the first time, Google is seemingly working on its foldable smartphone, Google Pixel Fold. The highly competitive company does not share an official statement about the flagship smartphone launch. There’s no mention of the device at the company launch event amid other hyped latest devices. How is it possible that a prominent tech firm is making efforts on its upcoming device, and the rumor mill fails to churn it out? Several rumors and predictions are prevailing in the tech market. Here are some of the most notable specs, features, displays, and more about the forthcoming foldable smartphone.

Competitive Foldable Display

The foldable smartphone is said to have a 7.6’ inch OLED display. As per the predictions, the screen panels are purchased from Samsung, and the resolution will apparently come with 2208 x 1840. The foldable smartphone will likely have an average brightness of 800 nits” and an optimum brightness of 1200” nits. The 120 Hz refresh rate is the same as other latest renowned smartphones, making it a competitive device. The inclusive dimension of the forthcoming smartphone is 123 mm x 148 mm.
Google Pixel Fold: New Specifications Revealed
The body structure and size are other features that resemble other leading foldable smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. The upcoming smartphone looks accurately like the size of a standard smartphone once folded and seems like a tablet when unfolded.

Versatile Camera Specifications

The three rear cameras reportedly have advanced sensors to capture jaw-dropping pictures in great detail. The main camera is rumored to be Sony IMX787 (64MP), IMX386 (12.2MP) ultra-wide, and S5K3J1 (10MP) telephoto lenses. The internal display camera is hopefully a Sony IMX355 (8MP) sensor and a S5K3J1 (10MP) sensor on the external display. As time passes and we move towards its launch, the same leaks are circulating. Most probably, these are the exact specifications we will have in the Google Pixel Fold.

Presumable Availability and Price

The launch is likely to be done in the coming year of 2023. The flagship smartphone will apparently become available in the fall of the same year. Although it’s the first foldable smartphone of the company, unlike other brands, Google does not seem to generate much publicity for the device. It could be because of its uncertain timelapse launch. The pricing status is always a vital topic regarding all the famous manufacturers like Google. Many insiders estimate the price of the foldable smartphone to be around $1,400 US dollars.

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