Google’s Biggest Release of Pixel Features Excites Worldwide Users

By Ramsha Umer - Dec 8, 2022

Google is known for adapting the appropriate marketing strategies to have everyone's attention and steal the limelight in the tech industry. It was about last week when Google announced Android and Wear 0S exciting features as a new year's gift to Android users around the globe. Here again, Google releases a bunch of advanced features for Pixel users. The company launched the latest features and software updates for Pixel smartphones, its earbuds, and even the newly released Pixel watch got its first feature update. The Pixel Watch Google comes with a tagline for the December update, which says, “it’s a gift that keeps on giving”. In this feature drop, Google One VPN services will be available free of charge for Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, Clear Calling is an enhanced call quality feature that will let its users have clear calls, and more privacy and security settings will be available for all Pixel phones. The Fitbit quality sleep profiles for Pixel Watch will also be a part of the feature drop.
Google’s Biggest Release of Pixel Features Excites Worldwide Users
The reason behind the hype that it's the biggest upgrade is that the brand itself is referred to as the biggest software update until now. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest Pixel software update from the widely acclaimed brand Google.

Updated Features For Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro

At the launch of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, the authorities claimed that buyers of the Pixel 7 lineup would have access to a VPN without any extra charge. It is included to safeguard your internet surfing and, as Google shares, is "built to help ensure your network traffic can't be tied to your identity". The VPN was already available for free for Google One subscribers of Platinum plans (2TB and higher). Nonetheless, the company will allot VPN to its flagship owners without any membership of Google One subscription status. However, the VPN is still available for app subscribers. This feature update comes with another desirable feature of Clear Calling. It makes sure to reduce background noise and distortion to let the other person on the call get to hear your voice clearer. It enhances the quality of the voice and makes it significantly audible even on a noisy background. Premium flagship owners will also get speaker labels on the Recorder app that automatically add labels to several speakers, and on top of it with machine learning. Moreover, if a speaker changes in multiple transcriptions, the app will show a line break to distinguish between them. The app will be beneficial for interviewers and people related to journalism since it will identify each person with a separate label. The user can even change the name of a recording after finishing an interview. We expect this feature to be in other pixel devices, so a large number of users can enjoy this advanced feature.
Google’s Biggest Release of Pixel Features Excites Worldwide Users

Feature Drop for Pixel Smartphones

The feature update brings the latest privacy options to optimize its users' security. The privacy features and security settings will be more convenient and accessible since they will be gathered in a hub. Google brings shortcuts to the app privacy features, Google Security Checkup, Find My Device, and screen lock settings. It also introduces the option of action cards through which a user can identify if any of the accounts would detect any danger or risk and guide the user to take adequate steps to deal with the issue. Google finally comes up with Spatial Audio in all the Pixel devices only when a Pixel user connects it to Pixel Buds Pro. Nonetheless, according to the authorities, this duo will enable head tracking, which is highly anticipated to provide an enhanced user experience. The Pixel phone brings a couple of new wallpapers to acknowledge the celebration of International Day of People with Disabilities. The previous models of Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will also get cough and snore detection, which will be accessible by using Bedtime mode. The user can get benefit by using the feature that claims to enhance the sleep cycle of the user.

The First-Ever Pixel Watch Update

Google brings a notable update for pixel watch owners where they will all get the Sleep Profile feature of the Fitbit Premium without even the premium subscription for six months. After the free time duration of the premium feature finishes, a user has to purchase a monthly subscription to get the sleep profile feature. This sleep feature will assess the state of a user’s sleep patterns with its advanced technology. It will keep track of a user’s sleep with 10 different functions that include sleeping hours, sleep disturbances, and bedtime consistency to identify a user’s quality of sleep. The Pixel watch owner also gets assigned an adorable cartoon based on his sleep patterns. It will happen if the user wears the Pixel watch for approx 14 nights each month to have an exact result of the user's sleep cycle on the first day of the coming month.
Google’s Biggest Release of Pixel Features Excites Worldwide Users
The recently launched watch will entertain its users with more exciting tiles for the weather (including sunrise and sunset), and favorite contacts. These tiles make you able to check the notification with a quick look. Google also introduces the same sort of tiles in its Android December feature release. The leading company promised its users that the brand will introduce a fall detection feature in the upcoming year. In the event that the watch finds the user unresponsive, it will quickly contact emergency services.


Google has started adding most of these features in all the Pixel smartphones (from Pixel 4a and above) and the Pixel watch, and it soon will eventually add all the features across the world through the satellite feature update.

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