HP Omen 17 with Core i7-13700HX and up to RTX 4090 mobile GPU

By Mahnoor Mushtaq - Dec 15, 2022

HP introduced the Omen 17 premium gaming laptop earlier this year. It features an Intel Core i7-12700H processor and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti laptop GPU. HP is preparing to release a new version of the Omen 17 laptop, potentially at CES 2023, with a GPU as powerful as the Nvidia RTX 4090 Laptop.

HP Omen 17 with Core i7-13700HX and up to RTX 4090 mobile GPU

Twitter user @momomo us discovered a listing for the upcoming Omen 17 laptop in a Romanian retailer. The listing suggests that the Core i7-13700 HX Raptor Lake-HX CPUs and RTX 40 series mobile GPUs would be found in every future Omen 17 computer.

The Core i7-13700HX is said to have eight P-cores and eight E-cores with boost frequencies of up to 5 GHz. The RTX 40 Series mobile GPUs are still largely unknown, other than the sporadic leaks we've already seen.

2023 laptops HP Omen 17:

  • RTX 4060 8GB with Core i7-13700HX: CM2007NQ/CM2005NQ.
  • Core i7-13700HX & RTX 4070 8GB, CM2001NQ
  • RTX 4080 12GB with Core i7-13700HX: CK2007NQ/CK2004NQ
  • Core i7-13700HX & RTX 4090 16GB, CK2001NQ


Graphics-related speculations have been circulating online for a few months, but something concrete has yet to appear. However, if those product lists are accurate, we can exclude some SKU names. Per persistent predictions, the top-tier RTX 40 GPU would be the RTX 4080 Ti or RTX 4090. The second option is the most likely one, according to this "leak." This SKU would include 16GB of VRAM, making it comparable to the current Ampere-based flagship, the RTX 3080 Ti Laptop GPU.

HP Omen 17 with Core i7-13700HX and up to RTX 4090 mobile GPU

The store confirms each of the final three GPUs' VRAM specifications. While the RTX 4070 and RTX 4060 are said to have 8GB of RAM, the RTX 4080 has 12GB of RAM.

Although it is predicted that multiple Ada AD103, AD104, AD106, and AD107 GPU implementations will soon be available in laptops, this leak sadly provides no details on these SKUs, such as clock speeds or CUDA core specifications. According to rumours, the high-end mobile SKUs have TGP up to 175W and possibly even higher technologies like NVIDIA Dynamic Boost. According to earlier stories, Intel will unveil its Alder Lake-H/HX chips on January 3rd, the same day the RTX 40 Mobile will premiere.

Remember that the smaller mobile GPUs will likely operate very differently from their larger desktop counterparts. The desktop RTX 4090 card's 450 W TGP can be increased to 600 W. However, because of the thermal and power constraints that laptops must adhere to, Ada Lovelace mobile GPUs are restricted to a 175 W TGP.


The prices range from 10,298.60 Lei (US$2225) for the base model with a Core i7-13700HX and RTX 4060 to 18,881 Lei (US$4,079) for the base model, the top-end Omen 17 with the RTX 4090.


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