Huawei Watch GT Cyber Pertinent information

By Mahnoor Mushtaq - Nov 1, 2022

The Watch GT Cyber, a new smartwatch from Huawei that will debut alongside the P50 Pocket S foldable smartphone, was recently teased. The Huawei Watch GT Cyber is only anticipated to be released in China as of right now. Therefore, whether the company would release this model outside its native market is unclear. However, if the business chooses to launch internationally, it will take at least a few months. On November 2, the Watch GT Cyber will go on sale in conjunction with the P50 Pocket S foldable phone. However, the hands-on shots of the new wristwatch have already been leaked before the official launch. Let's have a look, then.
Huawei Watch GT Cyber Pertinent information


The Watch GT Cyber, a smartwatch that has surfaced multiple times in recent months, has been officially launched, according to Huawei. For reference, the following hardware event from Huawei starts at 11:00 UTC or 19:00 CST. However, as is typical during its launch ceremonies, Huawei is likely to reveal more products than simply the Pocket S and Watch GT Cyber. Huawei has not yet highlighted any features exclusive to the Watch GT Cyber. However, it has shown off a futuristic-looking design that it claims was "born different." The Watch GT Cyber includes a round display and a digital crown, just like many other smartwatches made by Huawei. The smartwatch appears to have relatively narrow bezels that reach the chassis' outer edge. Furthermore, Huawei's teaser suggests that the Watch GT Cyber includes an unusually replaceable display or interchangeable tachymeter. We advise delaying judgment on this possible function until Huawei releases additional teases. According to the Watch GT Runner, Huawei will provide the Watch GT Cyber with at least one process that sets it apart from the rest of the current Watch GT series.
Huawei Watch GT Cyber Pertinent information
The Watch GT Cyber's detachable dial, which can be removed from its outer case, is its most intriguing feature. These leaked pictures demonstrate how substantial and even more extensive the Apple Watch Ultra this extra component is. A digital crown with a crown guard was also revealed in the photographs, but no more physical buttons are discernible. Another unknown is whether the new smart wearable will enable interchangeable straps and other attachments.

Release Date & Price

There is currently no information regarding the Huawei Watch GT Cyber's release date. However, there are some rumors! At the start of November, Huawei could release the Huawei GT Cyber for $300 to $400.

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