The Hummer EV All-Wheel-Drive Electric Bicycle is unveiled by GMC

By Mahnoor Mushtaq - Nov 4, 2022

Unveiling of the GMC HUMMER EV AWD e-bike. GMC and Recon Power Bikes worked together to develop the bike. A company based in Indiana that sells fat-tired e-bikes to local police departments has a licence from GMC to use the Hummer name. The end product is a dual-motor Class 3 bike with a large battery and plenty of power. GMC created an outrageous, dual-motor, fat-tyre electric bike in collaboration with the world's largest provider of e-bikes for law enforcement to go with its similarly outrageous, dual-motor, fat-tyre Hummer EV truck. It's the newest indication that car companies are attempting to capitalise on the popularity of e-bikes to encourage the switch to electric vehicles.
The Hummer EV All-Wheel-Drive Electric Bicycle is unveiled by GMC


The new GMC e-bike is promoted as the first super-electric bike in the world. The bike can go at a top speed of 28 mph because of its dual 48V 750W Bafang engines. In addition to the throttle-only setting, the e-bike has three riding modes. Rear-wheel drive reduces power usage, with front-wheel drive useful in easier terrain thanks to traction mode. The Adrenaline setting, which enables AWD capability, is the best choice. The e-bike also has a 21 Ah battery option, which offers a more extended range than the essential 17.5 Ah battery. The larger battery can be added to the conventional battery model, although the additional range is not yet known. The e-two bike's 4-inch puncture-resistant tyres provide balance and control. It has a front suspension fork that can be adjusted and a four-piston hydraulic brake system. The user can view the status of the battery and ride information on a colour LCD panel. It is capable of producing 2,400W of peak power. The HUMMER EV AWD has two 750W electric motors producing 160Nm of torque and 45km/h of top speed. A 17.5 Ah essential battery gives the GMC HUMMER EV AWD e-bike a range of around 80 kilometres.
The Hummer EV All-Wheel-Drive Electric Bicycle is unveiled by GMC


  • Weight: 95 lbs.
  • Skeletal: AL 6061.
  • Twin 750s with three drive modes as a motor.
  • 48V/17.5 Ah LG lithium-ion battery Shimano 8-speed transmission.
  • 26-inch wheels with 4-inch tires. Charger for the Kenda puncture-resistant lining: AC 100-240 V.
  • Front suspension: front fork.
  • 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes.
  • A color LCD with mode indicators.
  • Up to 20 to 30 mph in speed (varies based on weight, terrain, and use of pedal assist)

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