The ideal travel drone: DJI mini 3 Pro.

By Mahnoor Mushtaq - Dec 4, 2022

It's fresh. It's better now. It's here: the new DJI Mini 3 Pro! The Mini 3 will be released on May 10th, almost a year after the Mini 2, and will have considerable enhancements, a makeover, and much more power. The improved camera, obstacle avoidance, focus track with all follow me features, point of interest, spotlight, master shots, and all of the other rapid pictures, Hyperlapse, and updated battery with fantastic flying duration are all new features in one little package.
The ideal travel drone: DJI mini 3 Pro.

The Mini 3 Pro's dimensions

The Mini 3 Pro weighs less than the permitted 250 grams, just like the other Minis. This is great because most aviation authorities don't demand that drones with less than that be registered. Reducing the entry barrier for all pilots while allowing the Mini 3 to be loaded with incredible features. The Mini 3 Pro includes longer, angled propellers to increase flying stability, taking cues from the Mavic 3. The drone's general appearance has also altered from earlier Minis. The vast eyes that resemble obstacle detection devices and the way it appears to lean back when hovering give it a frog-like appearance.

Obstacle avoidance and new sensors

Obstacle Avoidance is a feature that is exclusive to Minis. In addition to having Tri-Directional Obstacle Sensing twin sensors on the front that look forward and backward and sensors on the bottom for below, the Mini 3 features a slightly bigger 1/1.3" sensor than the Air 2's 1" sensor. The 1/1.3" CMOS sensor has two native ISO levels and offers direct HDR video output (HDR is built in and integrated) A larger dynamic range is added to each photo to bring forth more detail in the highlights and shadows. Objects in the aircraft's flight path are immediately detected by the APAS 4.0 or Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems. Even in challenging environments, this drone keeps itself safe by identifying and avoiding obstacles. You may disable this setting, adjust it so that the Mini 3 flies around the obstruction, or leave it at the default setting of stopping.

New Entrance

Compared to the Mini 2, which has an aperture of 2.8, the DJI Mini 3 has an aperture opening of 1.7. The Mini 3's 1.7 Aperture designates a wider aperture close to the lens that enables it to capture more light. This is fantastic for low-light situations and will improve every aspect of your photo, even at night.

Modernized Camera

The DJI Mini 3 Pro sports a lens with an 82-degree field of view and a 24-millimeter equivalent. In contrast to the Mini 2, which only offers 4k/30fps and no HDR, the new camera now has 4k/60fps films and 4k/30fps HDR videos. If you wanted to slow down any of your films, you could go back to post-production thanks to the additional power the DJI mini provides with 4k/60fps. The Mini 3 boasts 48MP pictures and 1080p at 120 frames per second. I also appreciate that the Mini 3 now has zoom. There are three different zoom options: 2x in 4k, 3x in 2.7k, and 4x in 1080p. Being able to do this is convenient, especially if you must or want to distance yourself from your subject.
The ideal travel drone: DJI mini 3 Pro.

Quickshots, Master shots, and Active Track 4.0

Master shots and Active Track are now available on DJI's portfolio of drones priced under $250 for the first time, while Quickshots are back on the Mini 3 Pro. Enabling you to maintain the focus on the object, be it a person, a bike, or a car. Additionally, Master shots are available, making it simple for pilots to capture their journeys with a single click. The Mini 3 will fly around the subject when activated to record footage from various perspectives and create a movie that is ideal for sharing.

Flight time for a Mini 3 Pro

With the normal battery, the Mini 3 Pro's flying duration is now rated at up to 34 minutes. You won't need to worry about the battery charge as much with so much time, but the Mini 3 has a "Plus" battery option if you truly need extra time. The Mini 3 can fly for up to 47 minutes on DJI's Plus flight battery. The trade-off is that the drone now weighs more than 250 grams due to the battery's extra weight.

Controllers that work with the Mini 3 Pro

The Mini 3 Pro receives a dedicated controller with a built-in screen, just like the Air 2S and Mavic 3. The DJI RC controller is a little bit smaller and has a similar design as the RC Pro, except for a few buttons. The RC has a brilliant LCD touchscreen that may take the place of your phone for use during flight operations. Currently, the RC can only be purchased in combination with a drone and not separately. Again, following the previous Mini 3 siblings, it also supports DJI's RC-N1 controller. For this one, you'll need to download the DJI Fly app onto your phone in order to fly the drone.

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