Impressive highlights of Qualcomm Oryon ARM CPU

By Mahnoor Mushtaq - Nov 21, 2022

Qualcomm showed off its newest CPUs for mobile, augmented reality, and audio during the annual Snapdragon Summit, as was to be expected. Still, they teased us with Qualcomm Oryon, the next CPU for Snapdragon platforms. The creation of Oryon appears to have taken years, fueled in large part by Qualcomm's early 2021 purchase of Nuvia. When Qualcomm knocked on the door, a group of former Apple engineers who had worked on Cupertino's A-series CPUs and were developing their chips created Nuvia. This team's first product, the Oryon CPU, is scheduled to launch in 2023, and according to Qualcomm, it will provide the "best-in-class" user experience.
Impressive highlights of Qualcomm Oryon ARM CPU

Qualcomm has unveiled the "Oryon" ARM CPU of the next generation.

For their distinctive Arm CPU, Qualcomm

Unveiled the name Oryon during the Snapdragon Technology Summit 2022. Sadly, despite the fact that we don't know anything, the company refused to share any information. First off, these CPUs won't be entry-level devices as MediaTek do; instead, they'll be flagship ones. There will even be devices that compete with Apple's M-series specialist Arm CPUs. Windows on ARM has historically been supported by Qualcomm. The company has tried several times in the past without success and is now resolved to change its strategy. Actually, they just paid $1.4 billion to buy Nuvia. Given their extensive experience working with ARM architectures, Nuvia might have the knowledge Qualcomm needs to rival Apple. Unfortunately, the ARM architecture is directly used in the Windows-compatible Qualcomm processors that are currently available. With Nuvia's assistance, the company hopes to produce some additional customizable goods. In 2024, goods based on the new Qualcomm Orion processors are anticipated to join the market. However, businesses must move rapidly. Apple is presently putting more distance between its M series and its rivals. The company anticipates releasing CPUs like the M2 Pro and M3 within a year.
Impressive highlights of Qualcomm Oryon ARM CPU

PC with Snapdragon AI

Additionally, Qualcomm discussed its plans to advance mobile computing through innovative AI partnerships that would hasten the convergence of mobile and PC technology and bring cutting-edge mobile advancements to Windows 11 PCs. Users of Windows 11 may now enjoy vivid AI-accelerated experiences while also having their CPU and GPU burdens reduced thanks to these developments. Leaders from Microsoft, Adobe, and Citi spoke at the event about how breakthrough AI capabilities in Snapdragon technology are transforming their companies. They also endorsed Snapdragon compute as a catalyst for the PC industry to modernize and deliver AI-enhanced experiences in thin, fanless products.

AI from Qualcomm for Windows 11

For instance, Microsoft asserts that the Surface Pro 9 SQ3's Snapdragon-powered Microsoft SQ3 platform has improved Windows Studio Effects like Voice Focus and Background Blur using AI. Eye contact and automatic framing consume less CPU and GPU. A specialized AI engine is used to intelligently accomplish this, which lessens the workload of these computationally demanding tasks.

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