Introducing The Affordable Cosmo Engage: A Pebble Apple Watch Ultra Clone

By Mahnoor Mushtaq - Dec 30, 2022

The ultra-affordable Cosmos Engage is the latest Pebble Apple Watch Ultra clone, aiming to bring the same functionality and style to users on a budget. Pebble was one of the wearables companies that enthusiasts coveted the most. The business stopped operating after being acquired by Fitbit. However, the Pebble brand is controlled by Fitbit, a subsidiary of Google, a company that has long sold affordable smartwatches under this name. In addition, the Engage offers a variety of features and sensors that make it an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable fitness-tracking device.

Pebble Apple Watch Ultra Clone: Design & Spotlights

The Cosmos Engage, according to Pebble, is "crafted with perfection." Although it's still being determined exactly what that entails, the business aims to attract customers who want a device that resembles an Apple Watch Ultra but only has SOME of the functions. Although the company doesn't go into great depth about the technology they are employing for the health aspects, I'd be wary of putting my trust in a heart monitor or blood oxygen level monitor that costs less than a movie trip.

One thing you should remember when purchasing a copy of an Apple Watch is that, even though it may have some of the same functionality as an Apple Watch and may even have the same appearance, watchOS will not be included. Always remember that watchOS is the essential component that enables all of the synergies you enjoy with your iPhone before choosing a copycat.

Introducing The Affordable Cosmo Engage: A Pebble Apple Watch Ultra Clone

Pebble Apple Watch Clone: Display

It has a 1.95-inch IPS LCD screen with a maximum brightness of 600 nits and a 385 × 320 pixel resolution. The panel always supports on Display even if it is not OLED (AOD). Three colors are available: Salamander Orange, Starlight, Midnight Black, and Celestial Blue.


Pebble Cosmos Engage is the most recent product from SRK Powertech Private Limited. This business sells a variety of accessories under the Pebble name. The brand has recently gained popularity for its smartwatches. Earlier this month, Pebble Frost, the company's ripoff of the Apple Watch Series 8, was launched. Recently, the Apple Watch Ultra knockoff Pebble Cosmos Engage was made available. The Apple Watch Ultra and the Pebble Cosmos Engage have the same look. Aside from the looks, the device is another low-cost fitness tracker that passes for a smartwatch.

The IP67-rated wearable has various sports modes and capabilities, including heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, Bluetooth calling, and more. Not to mention that the device can only be used with iOS and Android devices and only has a restricted battery life of 4-5 days on a full charge.

The Engage is an ideal choice for an affordable smartwatch as it is one of the few watches on the market to offer a full range of features for a fraction of the price of competing products. A Pebble brand recently announced a copycat Apple Watch Ultra for about ₹3,999 (about $50).


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