With iOS 17, Apple may finally open the iPhone to third-party app stores

By Zernab Farooqi - Dec 15, 2022

According to recent rumors, Apple plans to implement a significant update to iOS in the next year, one that would provide users with more options when it comes to selecting that where they want to install their applications.

Bloomberg reports that Apple is going to allow customers to install alternative app stores on their iOS devices, most likely beginning with the iOS 17 upgrade that will be released in the following year. This feature may only be accessible in Europe in order to comply with the forthcoming regulations that will be imposed by the EU, and the corporation might only permit the installation of applications that have been pre-approved. In spite of this, it would be the very first time that Apple has ever officially let iPhone customers to install applications from a source other than the company's own App Store. In the past, people were able to jailbreak their iPhones; however, Apple has for a long time warned customers from doing so.

With iOS 17, Apple may finally open the iPhone to third-party app stores

According to Bloomberg, the European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA) is to blame for Apple's U-turn. Sideloading, in which software is installed after being downloaded from the internet, and other third-party app shops are now legal thanks to this regulation. Digital corporations like Google have a timeline by which they must comply with EU legislation, with the key deadline set for March 2024.

It has been claimed that Apple is considering "mandating specific security criteria" before enabling third-party applications. These restrictions might include the need to validate the apps in some way and perhaps charge customers a fee. The corporation has committed "a large amount of resources to the companywide initiative.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple has not yet made a decision about how to make iMessage compatible with other services, which is another requirement imposed by the EU's DMA.

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