It's Hella Fantastic that the ROG Phone 6 Diablo Edition Exists!

By Mahnoor Mushtaq - Nov 18, 2022

In addition to positioning its ROG Phone line as the smartphone for die-hard gamers, Asus frequently releases awesomely decorated special editions of its most recent gaming hardware. In July, ASUS unveiled the ROG Phone 6, the brand's newest gaming smartphone. The ROG Phone 6, a well-known gaming phone from Asus, has a particular Diablo Immortal edition version created in collaboration with Blizzard Entertainment. A new Diablo Immortal Edition of the phone has now been released in several markets. This new Hellfire Red color has similar specs as the original ROG Phone 6.
It's Hella Fantastic that the ROG Phone 6 Diablo Edition Exists!


The game is divisive. Fortunately, the look is undeniably Diablo, so that we can ignore this most recent installment. Just by opening the package, I started to feel jittery and nostalgic. The Diablo print is on top of the large box, and the icons for the heroes are on the sides. But when we open the external packing, we discover that the phone is housed in a box shaped like a Soul stone (actually, it is the World stone).

Features & Detailed Information

  • The braided USB-C charging cable and 65 W fast charger are both wrapped in a faux leather scroll that features a map of Sanctuary (the human planet in Diablo), which enhances the overall look and feel of the package. Additionally, a UV lamp called Fahir's Light Torch, when shone on the map, as mentioned earlier, causes some regions to glow Red.
  • Returning to the phone, the wording has been altered to match the special edition. The rear has been redesigned to feature an aggressive red-on-black Diablo image (Asus calls it Hellfire Red finish).
It's Hella Fantastic that the ROG Phone 6 Diablo Edition Exists!
  • Since the lighting logos on the back are RGB, you can change their hue. They might be breathing, strobing, or cycling through different colors. Naturally, we decided to stick with consistent Red.
  • Of course, Diablo is the default theme when the game first starts. Though we can't say we like the home-screen wallpaper, we adore the lock screen. It has a little too much contrast and appears hastily put together.
  • Despite all this, the ROG Phone 6 Diablo Immortal Edition's internals is the same. It still features the extravagant 165 Hz AMOLED screen on the front and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor. The headphone jack, incredible stereo speakers, ultrasonic shoulder triggers, two USB connections for charging and accessories

Price & Convenience

One 16GB + 512GB version of the ASUS ROG Phone 6 Diablo Immortal Edition is available for $1,299.99 (about Rs. 1,06,050) in the US and £1,099.99 in Europe. Orders can be placed starting today, November 18, and delivery will begin in the middle of December.

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