Kospet Tank M2 Military SmartWatch Technical data

By Mahnoor Mushtaq - Dec 18, 2022

In 2018, KOSPET was organized. The workforce and manufacturing facility is in China, although the parent firm is headquartered in Washington, USA. With a B2B network spanning more than 70 countries and regions, KOSPET has more than 10 million customers worldwide. The operational team and manufacturing facility are in China, even though the parent firm is headquartered in Washington, USA. KOSPET has more than 10 million consumers worldwide and a B2B network that spans more than 70 states and territories.

Through AliExpress, the KOSPET Tank M2 has been made accessible globally. The Kospet Tank M1 Pro, which initially arrived earlier this year, was replaced by a brand-new smartwatch. To know more about KOSPET, read this blog post thoroughly.


The 1.85-inch, rectangular KOSPET Tank M2 display features a 320 x 385 resolution. Both the watch's side buttons and voice commands can be used to control it. The Tank M2 comes with a silicone strap and is available in the color combinations of black and orange, black and red, or pure black.

The square military shape of the new Kospet Tank M2 is fashionable, challenging, and suitable for both men and women. It weighs approximately 60g and measures 54 x 43.7 x 14mm.

Kospet Tank M2 Military SmartWatch Technical data

Specs & Features

It supports Bluetooth calling and claims a battery life of up to 60 days. The Tank M2 lasts roughly 60 days in standby mode and 15 days when used regularly. Furthermore, the smartwatch has functions for tracking exercise and wellness. It has a Heart rate monitor, 70 sports modes, an SPO2 blood oxygen meter, is 5ATM waterproof, and enables Bluetooth calling, among other things.

  • The wearable features a heart rate sensor that records our heart rate over a day.
  • It also features a pedometer, which lets us monitor and predicts how many calories we burn daily.
  • A 5ATM waterproof smartwatch called the Kospet Tank M2 provides protection down to 50 meters. It is worry-free to use for daily use or while swimming.
  • Walking, cycling and running are among the six exercise activities that the smartwatch can automatically measure.
  • In addition, it includes an alarm and can deliver weather reports.
  • Over 70 sports modes are accessible on the device, which tracks sleep and activity.
  • The Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity that the smartwatch provides enables it to take calls, get notifications, and play music.
  • Even though it can also offer a basic calculator.
  • The 380mAh battery within the Tank M2 can last up to 60 days.
  • However, there currently needs to be signs that the sensors (heart rate and oxygen) have received FDA certification. As a result, the smartwatch's measurements might need to be revised.

Price & Availability

The KOSPET Tank M2 does have an MSRP of $199.98 but is presently on pre-sale for $99.99. It is available to buy on AliExpress, and shipments will begin in mid-January 2023.


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