The Leaked DJI Mini 3 could be the Best Drone for Beginners

By Zernab Farooqi - Dec 5, 2022

Leaked images suggest that the DJI Mini 3 drone is almost ready for liftoff and might unseat the DJI Mini 2 as our pick for the best flying camera for beginners. The images of the Mini 3 were released by the account @DealsDrone (Twitter Account). See below for a tweet announcing the upcoming release of photos of the DJI Mini 3. What does the leak reveal? According to the images, the Mini 3 will share its chassis with the DJI Mini 3 Pro, a high-end microdrone that was introduced in May. The two sensors that sit atop the gimbal-stabilized camera of a drone differ mostly in their form. To keep the price down, the Mini 3 may not include the same obstacle-avoidance sensors as the Mini 3 Pro.
The Leaked DJI Mini 3 could be the Best Drone for Beginners
The DJI Mini 3 can be cooled in the same way as the Mini 2 thanks to its front vents. Leaked images confirm this theory by showing that there is no vent located just beneath the camera on the Mini 3. There have been rumors about a standard Mini 3 since May when the DJI Mini 3 Pro joined the DJI Mini 2. The Mini 2 was released about two years ago, and the price gap between it and the original Mini is significant. Consider the Mini 3's pricing before making your decision. The Mini 3 Pro may be had for $759 (or £709 or AU$1,119) with a regular controller. The Mini 2 was originally listed for $449/£419/AU$749 (with a controller) in October 2019 but Friday discounts brought the price down. To make room for the Mini 3, which will be priced below the Mini 3 Pro, the DJI Mini 2 may be renamed the Mini SE. Due to the Mini 3's improved technology, it will likely be more expensive than the Mini 2. If the Mini 3, which is essentially the Mini 3 Pro without the obstacle avoidance sensors, isn't too limiting, we may recommend it as the best drone for beginners. Even though the Mini 3 Pro's price tag is steep for novice drone flyers, the device's several autonomous flight modes make it a more practical option than competing mini drones. Recent developments have provided strong evidence that we will soon find out.

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