Mac Mini M2 is rumored to be delayed until March 2023

By Zernab Farooqi - Nov 17, 2022

In addition to an M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro, Apple offered two Mac mini versions almost two years ago. The Mac mini was our favorite M1 Mac since we believed it delivered the finest features for the money. However, it is currently looking quite outdated, and our recommendation is to wait to get one because something better is on the way.
Mac Mini M2 is rumored to be delayed until March 2023
The M2 MacBook Air and M2 MacBook Pro were announced by Apple in June 2022, although the Mac mini was left out of these updates. Mac fans community asks, when will Apple release an M2 chip update for the Mac mini? This article provides all the details about the expected features and availability of the Mac Mini M2.

Design of Mac Mini M2:

Apple's redesign of the Mac mini may be one reason for the extended wait for a new model. The Mac mini was first introduced in 2005 by Apple. It had always retained its square design despite of the fact that it became shrunk, changed color, or lost the CD drive. There are rumors that the upcoming Mac mini may have a completely new appearance. According to a prediction in June 2021 by Jon Prosser, the next Mac mini probably be less than an inch tall. It's possible that the body is changing as well. Despite the fact that the Mac mini has had an aluminum body since 2010, according to Prosser, Apple is reportedly investigating a "plexiglass" top. That would imply that Apple will add a new color to the Mac mini to give it a little flair. Only silver and space grey is now available for the Mac mini.

Features of Mac Mini M2:

It is obvious that the upcoming Mac mini will have an M2 processor. This is the same processor that MacBook Air 2022 and MacBook Pro 2022 with 13-inch are using.
Mac Mini M2 is rumored to be delayed until March 2023
Considering that it is the same, the following are the specifications of the Mac Mini M2:
  • 24GB maximum unified memory
  • The GPU has 8 or 10 cores
  • 4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores make up an 8-core CPU

Price of Mac Mini M2:

It is quite possible that Apple would do the same as it did with the MacBook Air by maintaining the price of M1 Mac mini's $699/£699 and at the same time releasing the two new versions of M2 in order to replace the $899 and $1,099 models. Though, we're hoping Apple will provide an M1 Pro or M2 Pro model.

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