Meta launched an advanced VR 'Quest Pro'

By Mahnoor Mushtaq - Oct 12, 2022

A NEW virtual reality headgear and some of the technology that powers Meta has teased it over a few months as part of the company's plan to "never surprise consumers" when they come across the next wave of innovation. And today, at its yearly developers' conference, Meta debuted this revolutionary headset in full. The headset, known as the Meta Quest Pro, is Meta's next significant (and well-funded) step into the metaverse—a computing future so substantial, according to Mark Zuckerberg today, that he renamed the firm after it. This new VR headgear, formerly known as Project Cambria, is more slender than the preceding Meta Quest 2. Additionally, it consists of new optical technologies intended to enhance the social and realistic aspects of immersive computing.
Meta launched an advanced VR 'Quest Pro'

Features and Details of the Headset

  • Whether you call it a VR headset, an MR headset, or an XR headset to cover all your bases, the Meta Quest Pro is an elevated headset.
  • According to Meta's website, the Quest Pro has the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ Gen1 processor, which gives 50% greater performance, 256GB of storage, 12GB of RAM, and ten advanced VR/MR detectors for stalking a user's domain, facade, hands, and eyes.
  • Additionally, the headset has a redesigned optics stack with pancake optics that cut the optical volume by 40% compared to the Quest 2.
  • The screen linked to this optical stacking also has a 37% higher screen resolution, a 30% good color spectrum, and 75% higher contrast, which are necessary for written passages effectively in a virtual environment.
  • Additionally, it has two new controllers with autonomous tracking, three cameras per controller, and a Snapdragon 662 mobile chip inside each controller.
  • The new headset also has enhanced mixed reality capabilities with a 4x higher definition move camera processing for more authentic oculus rift encounters in contrast to the Quest 2.
  • Moreover, they incorporated a curving battery pack into the backside of the headset to equalize the mass of something like the equipment in the front and reduce fatigue during prolonged use.
Meta launched an advanced VR 'Quest Pro'

Design & Display

The Meta Quest Pro is the slimmest and most well-balanced VR gadget we've ever created, courtesy of its pancake lenses and curved-cell battery, which is situated on the back of the headset. When you put it on, it feels fantastic, which makes it simple for you to emphasize superior Visualizations rather than how the headset fits. The constant lens distance adjustment factor in Meta Quest Pro supports inter-pupillary distances (IPDs) of 55mm to 75mm (a more extensive range than Meta Quest 2, which accommodates IPDs between 58mm and 72mm). To improve fit, face tracking, and visual clarity, the headset also has a unique eye relief slider that allows you to change the distance between the lenses and your eyes. This allows a wider variety of users to personalize the headset to their preferences. With an open periphery, Meta Quest Pro enables you to multitask between the real and the virtual worlds while staying present in your environment. When using Meta Quest Pro, you might connect the magnetic partial light protectors supplied in the packaging if you want to feel more immersed.


This headset offers the most recent versions of almost all contemporary innovations to provide a premium experience. It does so at $1,499, which, in my opinion, is about where many anticipate Apple's headset will also be priced.


In addition to giving you a sneak peek at what potential AR gadgets could be able to do in the future. Meta Quest Pro is a multipurpose VR device made to help you accomplish your goals and form deep relationships with the people who matter to you most. As we invest in new software features and content and as developers create fresh experiences powered by the Presence Platform, things will only improve over time.

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