Microsoft affirms Android 13 is coming to Windows 11 along with some modified features

By Ramsha Umer - Oct 23, 2022

Microsoft always makes sure to provide an ever-modernizing experience on Windows through the Android app. The widely discussed capability of Windows 11 is its ability to support Android applications. Over the years, Microsoft has endeavored to bring the latest integration with multiple platforms as it has done with Android 13. Even though the user experience is limited to a certain extent because it relies on the Amazon App store rather than Google Play, the company comes up latest features for applications. Microsoft puts maximum effort into presenting advanced aspects with new upgraded technology. Similarly, on last year's launch of Windows 11, an innovative feature to run Android apps on computers was introduced. One can also cast an Android smartphone display directly on the pc and transfer files just by using Windows copy-pasting function. This seamless transfer of files between Windows and the WSA was never this convenient before the Android 13 update. The current modification will apparently lead to elevating the Windows user experience since the company upgrades Windows 11 for Android to Android 13.
Microsoft affirms Android 13 is coming to Windows 11 along with some modified features
The advanced Android 13 is undeniably an exciting update to Windows Subsystem for Android; the company has shared a roadmap on the GitHub page. In that publication, Microsoft reveals to consumers that it has the potential to produce groundbreaking revolutionary features with every launch. This modified Android 13 could be helpful with compatible updated Android apps. As per now, WSA runs features like cameras (both rear and front), Bluetooth access (BLE), audio codecs, ClearKey DRM or MPEG-DASH content, Location + GPS, Freeform window management, gamepad and many more exciting features. Moreover, the modified Android 13 will arrive with “shortcuts” and “picture-in-picture” modes. This picture-in-picture mode will allow the consumer to use the Android app in a comparatively smaller window on top of the preceding Windows apps. While the shortcut feature would support making Android apps shorts on the computer desktop. Unfortunately, the launch and availability dates are yet to be announced. Nevertheless, we would definitely soon be getting significant feature upgrades with the latest version of Android 13. The official launch is most likely to be somewhere in the coming year of 2023. Around the globe, tech geeks like ourselves, have our eyes and ears on the upcoming release and would provide complete details once the company launches the Android 13.

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