Microsoft is unexpectedly restoring IOS support for SwiftKey

By Zernab Farooqi - Nov 22, 2022

SwiftKey, a popular keyboard software for iOS, was withdrawn by Microsoft at the beginning of October. Therefore, a few weeks ago, the app was taken down from the App Store and maintenance ceased. But once the feature disappeared, Microsoft was hit with a barrage of complaints. At last, Microsoft seems to be listening to the feedback and making improvements. SwiftKey has finally been revived on iOS. Microsoft said in early June that it will stop supporting iOS devices using SwiftKey in early October 2022. The return is not going to be publicly revealed till further notice. Nobody on the development team understood why the group had come to the conclusion that they needed to stop any further work on the project. However, the iOS version of SwiftKey has been restored far sooner than any of the app's devoted users could have hoped for.
Microsoft is unexpectedly restoring IOS support for SwiftKey
The Chief Technology Officer of the Microsoft Maps and Local Services Division, Pedram Rezaei, made the announcement on Twitter that the business has made the decision to bring back SwiftKey for iOS "due to public demand." In addition, the business is now spending "heavily in the keyboard," so customers may anticipate exciting new developments in the near future. There is no more information on it, and the meaning of these supposedly "significant investments" is not quite evident at this time. Since 2014, users of iOS devices have been able to download and use SwiftKey. After thereafter, in 2016, the software giant Microsoft acquired the firm for the price of $250 million, and it subsequently became a part of Microsoft. On Apple devices, SwiftKey has been out of date for the last year and has not received any upgrades. Despite this, the project is now available again on the App Store and is expected to get some improvements. There will be continuous upgrades to the system's security and maintenance. Additionally, the firm plans to provide brand-new features in addition to making other enhancements.

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