Modifications to the Molife Sense 520 Smartwatch

By Mahnoor Mushtaq - Oct 14, 2022

Molife, an Indian mobile and lifestyle accessory firm, has introduced a new smartwatch in India called the Molife Sense 520. The Bluetooth 5.1, feature-rich, Made in India Molife Sense 520 smartwatch is wholly loaded with Bluetooth calling capabilities. 260mAh battery inside, snap-on magnetic charging connector, up to 25 days of standby time, and up to 4 days of backup power. An incredibly thin, light smartwatch that feels like an extension of your body features a 1.32-inch full-touch 360p high-resolution touchscreen. Stay healthy by tracking your SpO2 and heart rate with the True Dual Sensors with Heart Rate Monitoring, which never misses a beat. Sports modes, calling capabilities, an aluminum metallic case, a scroller key, watch faces, IP67 certification, snap-on magnetic charging, and durability are just a few of the Molife Sense 520's incredible features. Let's examine its specifications and features in more detail.
Modifications to the Molife Sense 520 Smartwatch


  • Launched in India for Rs 3,499 as an introductory price is the Molife Sense 520.
  • The Molife Sense 520 may be purchased from sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and the corporate website.
  • The 1.32-inch IPS screen on the Molife Sense 520 has a 360 x 360 pixels resolution.
  • Indian-made mobile and lifestyle accessory company Molife has introduced a new smartwatch.
  • The aircraft-grade, entirely metallic aluminum body of the Molife Sense 520 smartwatch features a 1.32-inch IPS display and offers a lightweight and robust design.

Features & Details

The Molife Sense 520 smartwatch includes a 1.32-inch IPS display with a 360 x 360p resolution. The wristwatch's vertical side scroll key makes it simple for users to look through watch faces and choices. The wearable also has a built-in speaker and microphone, enabling hands-free call-making and receiving. Additional design features include a wide variety of watch faces and an IP67 rating for dust and water protection. The Molife Sense 520's health capabilities include a blood pressure monitor, a SpO2 sensor, a step counter, and 24-hour heart rate tracking. Well over 15 sports modes and additional adaptive cruise control are available on the Molife Sense 520. The Molife Sense 520's 260mAh battery is expected to last up to 4 days with the calling feature activated. The battery life can be extended by up to 7 days by disabling the feature. New software functions of the smartwatch include commands for the camera and media players, notifications for incoming calls and texts, and more. Read the entire article to discover more about Molife Sense 520.
Modifications to the Molife Sense 520 Smartwatch

Battery life

The 260 MAH battery in the Sense 520 offers up to 4 days of continuous use with the calling function activated and up to 7 days without it.

Various Software Functions

A true master of all trades, the Sense 520 includes various software functions, from camera and media management to call/message alerts. Heart rate monitoring to sleep monitoring. You name it, and it's there!

Screen lock option

The screen can be locked whenever necessary. You may also establish a password to lock your net on the smartwatch.

Sports modes plus sensors for health and wellness

Mobile measurements of blood pressure, SpO2, and the number of steps taken (pedometer). Additionally, there are over 15 sports modes and a feature that monitors your heart rate continuously.

Price of Molife Sense 520

India's asking price for the Molife Sense 520 is Rs 7,499. The smartwatch price will be Rs 3,199 as an introductory deal.

Availability of Molife Sense 520

Simply Black, Moonlit Silver, Rose gold Beauty, Rich Blue, Snow White, Epic Red, and Dusty Gray are the seven available color options for the Molife Sense 520. It will be available on Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, and the Molife website (

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