Modules of the Garmin Vivo-move HR Hybrid Smartwatch

By Mahnoor Mushtaq - Nov 11, 2022

An analog watch with innovative features is known as a hybrid watch. The traditional exterior of a hybrid watch conceals a wealth of helpful features. Consider displaying notifications and phone calls or tracking activities like your sleep pattern and step count. The design of a hybrid and conventional smartwatch is one of the most significant changes. In contrast to full-fledged smartwatches like the Apple Watch 4 or the Fitbit Ionic, a hybrid smartwatch typically lacks a brilliant display and resembles a regular watch much more. Beautiful smartwatches and svelte hybrid smartwatches that go with every outfit and occasion can enhance your sense of style. This hybrid smartwatch, which comes in various colors, combines the classic appearance of an analog watch with the necessary intelligent features you need to keep up with your busy life.
Modules of the Garmin Vivo-move HR Hybrid Smartwatch

Specs & Features

With Vivo-move HR, staying stylishly fit is as easy as tapping a button. This stylish hybrid smartwatch has a touchscreen and an unnoticeable display. When you swipe through your messages, heart rate2, and other options, actual watch hands move away to indicate the time. It tracks well-being, including all-day stress tracking2 and sophisticated sleep monitoring, while keeping track of your steps and calories. Because it tracks your stress throughout the day, the Vivo-move HR smartwatch helps you identify when you're experiencing a calm, balanced, stressful, or anything in between. It's time to take a break to avoid getting headaches or other physical symptoms if your stress level rises throughout the day. Work through a deep breathing practice with the help of the relaxation timer to reduce your tension. Thanks to smart notifications that appear on your digital display, you'll never miss a text or notification again. Your tracking information for health and fitness will be instantly uploaded to the free online Garmin ConnectTM community. Even use the watch to control your music. You can better assess your current fitness levels with the help of the fitness monitoring capabilities of this watch. The wrist heart rate monitor allows you to evaluate your VO2 max. It can also determine your fitness age, so you can strive for a lower number over time by putting in a lot of effort and regular exercise.
Modules of the Garmin Vivo-move HR Hybrid Smartwatch
It is optional to start and stop your activity meter every time you start walking or jogging. These activities are initiated automatically by the Avonmore HR smartwatch, allowing you to examine your daily activities on Garmin Connect.


  • The ability to control music and receive intelligent notifications for incoming calls, texts, calendar reminders, and other functions lets you stay connected.
  • Elevate wrist heart rate technology provides continuous heart rate monitoring.
  • You may control your stress with wellness monitoring tools like an all-day stress tracker and a relaxation timer. These tools also offer enhanced sleep monitoring with REM sleep.
  • Change your appearance without effort using industry-standard 20 mm quick-release bands for accessories.

Hybrid Smart-Watches: Are They Beneficial?

This is the wristband you need if you want to use technology while sporting a more understated appearance. Due to the lack of digital screens, hybrid smartwatches also have longer battery life, which means you may save a lot of time by not having to charge them as frequently.

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