A mysterious "YTC" device from Google Chromecast is on the way, but what is it?

By Zernab Farooqi - Jan 15, 2023

A device like Chromecast running Google TV was discovered in the source code of a Google program, suggesting that it may soon be released.

The Chromecast with Google TV is showing its age with its restricted storage and poor performance, so the release of a fresh model is long needed at this point. Nevertheless, the fact that the pertinent code is already in the Google Home app suggests that something is genuinely in the process of being developed. However, it is not clear if this is referring to an updated version of Chromecast or a completely new product or service from Google.

A mysterious "YTC" device from Google Chromecast is on the way, but what is it?

According to Google, the most recent preview version for the Google Home app includes a reference to a product that is referred to as "YTC." Other references to "YTV" (Chromecast with Google TV) and "YTB" (YouTube Cast) in the same application are purported to prove that the enigmatic device in question is a Chromecast with Google TV (Chromecast HD).

There has been some speculation that this is a new premium variant of Chromecast that comes equipped with a more powerful processor to solve the slowness that we have encountered in the past. Beyond that, though, it is unclear what Google's goals are with this particular endeavor.

In addition to that, additional room for keeping items would be very much welcomed. If you use a lot of different programs, it's not ideal that you have to keep them all on the Chromecast that you already have with Google TV; but, we don't think Google has to go as far as Apple has. On the newest Apple TV 4K, which has a maximum storage capacity of 128 gigabytes, we doubt that anybody will use or make use of all of that space. There is sufficient capacity for a good number of games if that is what you want, but all of those lovely wallpapers for Apple TV might wind up eating up all of your available storage space.

If we return to Google's world for a moment, we should, in the coming weeks and months, get further information on the activities of the firm. Nevertheless, you can be certain that we will be observing in the same manner as before.


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