New Polar Ignite 3 Fitness Watch with GPS and Heart Rate

By Zernab Farooqi - Nov 11, 2022

People who want to make the most of their time might be interested in the latest Polar fitness watch. For $329.95, you can get a Polar Ignite 3 watch with a new feature that uses your circadian rhythms to figure out when you will be the most alert during the day.
New Polar Ignite 3 Fitness Watch with GPS and Heart Rate

Sleep Gate:

SleepWise is a new addition to Polar's existing sleep-tracking capabilities. Experts say you may learn about your sleep-wake patterns by analyzing factors including how often you sleep and at what times. From there, it compiles a report detailing your alert periods throughout the day. The objective is to assist individuals in identifying optimal times for activities such as working out and completing tasks. However, it will also help you recognize when it's probably best to slow down.

Nightly Recharge:

Polar introduced Nightly Recharge for recovery on the original Ignite in 2019. SleepWise was created on the same platform and is a natural extension. Nightly Recharge analyses your autonomic nervous system to identify rest and intense workout times. This one appears more realistic. Wearable technology has prioritized sleep and recovery since the pandemic.

Voice Assistance:

Other new features include in-training voice assistance, which, as long as the user is linked to the Polar Flow mobile app, provides users with real-time feedback on their exercise data via their headphones. It's a function that's very standard on wearables these days, so the fact that it took Polar this long to include it is a little bit strange.
New Polar Ignite 3 Fitness Watch with GPS and Heart Rate

Multiband GPS:

Multiband GPS is even more surprising given who this watch is for. Polar normally targets adventurers and triathletes, while the Ignite 3 is for casual users. Multiband GPS, which employs both the L1 and L5 frequencies, is new. This modification improves GPS signal retention in urban and thick forest environments. The Garmin Fenix 7 Sapphire Solar, Apple Watch Ultra, and Coros Vertix 2 have this feature. The only similar watches are Garmin's Forerunner 255 series, which cost around the same but lacks multi-band GPS.

Design and Features:

The design and features are intriguing. Polar and Garmin both make bulky watches. The Pixel Watch-like Ignite 3 is stylish. Its 1.3-inch color OLED display, stainless steel bezel, and 20mm straps are interchangeable. Its 35-gram battery lasts five days or 30 hours of GPS training. Polar claims have doubled the Ignite 3's processing speed. Purple dusk, brown copper, black night, and greige sand are the Ignite 3 colors. SleepWise and Voice Guidance are two new features coming to Polar Flow this month.

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