New PS5 system software supports DualSense Edge and more

By Zernab Farooqi - Jan 15, 2023

A new software update has been released by Sony for the PlayStation 5 in order to improve the functionality of the DualSense Edge controller.

The newly developed pro controller from Sony is now completely compatible with the console thanks to the recently published system update version 22.02-06.50.00. If you do not already have the application, it is highly recommended that you acquire it as soon as it is made available in your region, provided that you do not already own it.

If the installation was unsuccessful on the first try, you may try installing it again by going to the Settings menu, selecting Downloads/Uploads, choosing "view error data," and then selecting "try again."

New PS5 system software supports DualSense Edge and more

In addition to providing support for controllers, the most recent version "improves system performance." It would appear that there won't be any new features introduced for the time being at least.

The DualSense Edge controller is now available for pre-order, and the official release date is scheduled for the 26th of January, 2023. For a price of £209.99 in the United Kingdom, $199.99 in the United States, and €239.99 in Central Europe, it gives your PS5 gaming an entirely new set of specifications.

To provide just one example, if your thumbsticks break, you may replace them with brand new ones. You have a number of options at your disposal for customising the sensitivity and trigger travel distance of the game's controls so that they correspond to your preferred playstyle. Additionally, you have the ability to personalise the controls and store profiles for certain games. The Edge switches will then allow you to flip between the two options.

Additional buttons, dome covers, and a braided USB cable are included with the kit. Additionally, the rear buttons may be switched out for different ones.

It would appear that Sony has resolved the issues they were having with their stock, which is excellent news for anyone who do not yet buy a PlayStation 5. It would appear that bundle packs for both the normal and Digital Edition versions of the game are currently available to purchase from a wide number of retailers.

In the event that you do choose to purchase a PlayStation 5 system, the most recent version of the system software will be automatically downloaded and installed during the initial setup procedure.


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