OnePlus Android Tablet Rumored to Launch in 2023

By Zernab Farooqi - Nov 18, 2022

A rumor originating from reliable sources claims that OnePlus is seeking to enter the Android tablet market. The tablet will likely be released within the coming year, according to a report from Max Jambor on Twitter. The firm has registered a trademark for the name "OnePlus Pad."
OnePlus Android Tablet Rumored to Launch in 2023
The entry of OnePlus into the tablet market is hardly a surprise given that the once flagship-killing business now offers devices in a range of pricing points. The natural next step for a business that already produces wearables like smartwatches and TWS headphones is to enter the tablet market. Here the main question is that if the OnePlus Android Tablet which is going to be launched in the upcoming year is a branded new device or a rebranded Oppo tablet.

The OnePlus Tablet could be a lot like the Oppo Pad:

According to rumors, the OnePlus Android Tablet is expected to be based on Oppo Tablet. As the two companies are merged now, it means that they also share their patents and resources. In February 2022, Oppo launched its Snapdragon 870 SoC Oppo Pad which comes with an 11-Inch LCD display. The resolution of the Oppo Pad was 2560 x 1600 with a 120 Hz refresh rate.
OnePlus Android Tablet Rumored to Launch in 2023
In the US market, the Oppo Pad is currently available with 6 GB Ram and 128 GB storage. The price of the Oppo Pad in the US market is $365. The Oppo Pad with 8GB Ram and 256GB storage memory has a price of $475 in the US market. It uses an 8300 mAh battery supporting fast charging with 33W. A flash is located on the rear of the tablet's 13-megapixel camera. The device is also compatible with the Pencil stylus from Oppo. We are hoping to get a brand-new device but it is likely to be possible that we will see the Snapdragon 870 and 8360 mAh Oppo Pad with a new name.

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