Owners of these Galaxy smartphones will soon be able to update to the One UI 6.1 version

By Zernab Farooqi - May 1, 2024

Before the Galaxy S23 series went on sale, One UI 5.1 was made available for a few earlier flagships when it made its debut on the Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra last year. In contrast, One UI 6.1 started rolling out to older handsets in late March after making its debut with the Galaxy S24 series in January this year.

With One UI 6.1, Samsung is upgrading its smartphones gradually in batches. We were left waiting for a long time for an official announcement on the release date of One UI 6.1 for devices launched before 2023, as the initial batch only included the flagship phones and tablets that were introduced last year. However, Samsung is now prepared to begin working on the second batch.

Owners of these Galaxy smartphones will soon be able to update to the One UI 6.1 version

These smartphones will likely receive One UI 6.1 in the first week of May.

If you own any of the following smartphones or tablets, One UI 6.1 will soon be available for download:

An exact release date for One UI 6.1 for the aforementioned devices has not been disclosed by Samsung. However, the business has indicated that the upgrade may be released possibly in the first week of May. The upcoming software upgrade for the Galaxy S22 lineup, the Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 is scheduled for May 3rd, according to a Canadian carrier. Hopefully, this update will bring with it the most recent version of One UI.

Samsung is expected to release a formal statement as soon as the update is ready to be installed on the above listed devices. Once it goes live, you may download One UI 6.1 from the Settings then go to Software update and Download or install menu on your phone or tablet.

What features are included in the latest version of One UI?

Almost all of the Galaxy AI features that are available on the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra will be included in One UI 6.1, such as the ones mentioned below.

  • Google circle to search
  • Translator
  • Real-time translation during phone calls
  • AI and LLM-powered chat assistance
  • Strong grammar and spelling checks
  • Voice Recorder, Internet, and Notes applications on Samsung devices with Auto Summary
  • Generative Photo Editing in the Gallery
  • Generative Wallpapers
  • Summarize and auto formatting in Samsung Notes
Owners of these Galaxy smartphones will soon be able to update to the One UI 6.1 version

With One UI 6.1, you can also anticipate smoother animations throughout the user interface. However, devices released before 2023 will not be able to utilize some One UI 6.1 features, including those that employ AI.

Some of the features that will not be available for devices manufactured before 2023 are:

  • Wallpaper support for Always On Display
  • Super HDR viewing in the Gallery app
  • Dual Recording camera mode
  • Instant Slow-motion video

Samsung explains that these functions are only available on more recent phones and tablets due to hardware restrictions.

In late May, 2021 flagships may get One UI 6.1

After distributing One UI 6.1 to the Galaxy S22 series, the Fold 4, the Flip 4, and the Galaxy Tab S8 series, Samsung will focus on 2021 flagship products including the Galaxy S21 series (including S21 FE), the Galaxy Z Fold 3, and the Z Flip 3. However, the people who own these devices won’t find the upgrade interesting as One UI 6.1 will offer very few new features.


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