Pixel 8’s Tensor G3 does not seem proficient enough as Al tasks off-loads to Google servers

By Ramsha Umer - Oct 24, 2023

AI has taken over the world, and leading companies, like Google, make the most of it to introduce its features in their latest devices. Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro give you exceptional experience through the use of its AI tools.

Apple or Samsung users may edit pictures conventionally, but Google has taken a step forward to present AI-generated stuff. Google’s flagship users can enjoy its newest AI tools by manipulating group photos to precisely portray the desired moment. It sounds quite advanced, and for Pixel users, editing pictures will no longer be boring; however, this technology can allegedly invade privacy.

Pixel 8’s Tensor G3 does not seem proficient enough as Al tasks off-loads to Google servers

Google pushes its limit to bring innovative technology in the latest Pixel 8, and hence, the tech giant company has commendable claims regarding Pixel’s generated AI capabilities.

The world has witnessed a boom in AI in the last couple of months. However, it requires numerous resources to work efficiently. For example, the talk of the town AI language model, ChatGPT, predictably costs almost $100,000 per day. The reason for it being so expensive includes the enormous computing power it uses to run. The further expenses include paying highly skilled researchers and developers. Moreover, the data storage cost makes it a high-budget tool.

Putting ChatGPT aside, let’s discuss the remarkable claims Google has made regarding the Tensor G3 chip that it brings the revolutionary on AI to the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. Most AI innovations rely on the processing power available in data centers. According to Google, “On-device generative AI is really complex: 150 times more complex than the most complex model on Pixel 7 just a year ago. Tensor G3 is up for the task, with its efficient architecture co-designed with Google Research.” In light of the above statement, Tensor G3 is proficient enough to stand out. Through this chip, the company introduced a groundbreaking technology into its latest smartphones. Additionally, Google has also included the text-to-speech model, which is used in their data centers. Google has made some exceptional features that are presently available in the US only.

Pixel 8’s Tensor G3 does not seem proficient enough as Al tasks off-loads to Google servers

Talking about the machine learning algorithms, it enables the camera sensors to provide a better experience to Google’s flagship users by capturing a lot of pictures, selecting the favorite shot of every subject exclusively, and making a group photo with the advanced tools. The latest smartphone device relies on on-device algorithms to accomplish these tasks.

Besides, the Pixel 8 brings more AI feature known as Magic Editor, which allows you to relocate and resize your desired subjects with just a few taps. Audio Magic Eraser is the other feature that can be used to eliminate the distortion and background noise from your videos.

Mrwhosetheboss, a YouTuber, who accused Google of amplifying their claims on the efficiency of the Tensor G3 chip. He shares that each AI-based feature needs an internet connection, which might be due to a lack of power in the chip. That’s why it may require the users to send them to google servers to complete the innovative tasks.

By sending the users’ personal data to the server becomes a noticeable concern for privacy invasion.


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