Reportedly: the Apple iPhone 15 will have the Latest Flagship camera sensor

By Mahnoor Mushtaq - Nov 30, 2022

Apple intends to introduce its next generation of iPhones in 2023, still riding high on the success of the iPhone 14 series. There will likely be several improvements over the current iPhones. The iPhone 15 series will likely launch the following year. However, meaningful information about Apple's upcoming flagship phones keeps appearing online.
Reportedly: the Apple iPhone 15 will have the Latest Flagship camera sensor

New Camera Features for the iPhone 15 (Information Regarding Reports)

Nikkei Asia reports that component suppliers knowledgeable about Sony's plans claim the company will give Apple its most current image sensor for the upcoming iPhone models. According to reports, Sony Semiconductor Solutions would produce the sensor at its Nagasaki facility and deliver it to Apple and other OEMs sometime in 2019. This allegedly new image sensor, "compared to conventional sensors, doubles the saturation signal level in each pixel. In other words, the sensor may increase light capture and minimize overexposure or underexposure in specific conditions, allowing a smartphone camera to catch a person's face even when the subject is facing a bright backlight." Although the report doesn't mention the new sensor's name, its description is consistent with that of Sony's first stacked CMOS image sensor, unveiled in late 2017. The stacked CMOS image sensor differs from traditional image sensors in that it places pixel transistors and photodiodes on separate substrates "adopts a stacked design, with a logic chip for forming signal processing circuits stacked on top of a pixel chip made up of back-illuminated pixels. Photodiodes for converting light into electrical signals and pixel transistors for controlling the signals are placed next to one another on the same layer within the pixel chip."
Reportedly: the Apple iPhone 15 will have the Latest Flagship camera sensor
The stacked architecture essentially doubles the image sensor's ability to collect light. You can anticipate a notable boost in low-light performance if Apple uses this new Sony image sensor in the iPhone 15 series.

No More Over-Exposed Pictures Now?

Don't worry if that sounds like a lot of nonsense to you. It indicates that the iPhone 15 might fix some of the device's prior exposure flaws. Although iPhones frequently rank among the top camera phones, we have discovered that they often have issues with exposure control in some challenging circumstances.

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