The Ryzen 7000 Series - New Desktop and Mobile CPUs from AMD

By Zernab Farooqi - Jan 7, 2023

AMD's latest Zen4 architecture, revealed today along with the company's new products, powers these new CPUs. 3D V-Cache desktop CPUs are the most fascinating of these new mobile CPUs.

AMD added two twin CCX and three 3D V-Cache desktop CPUs. AMD introduced three 3D V-Cache variants. The Ryzen 7 7800X3D, Ryzen 9 7900X3D, and Ryzen 9 7950X3D have eight, twelve, and sixteen cores, respectively.

The Ryzen 7000 Series - New Desktop and Mobile CPUs from AMD

The 7950X features a 16-megabyte L2 cache, whereas the 7950X3D has 128 megabytes. 128MB of the 7900X3D's 140MB cache is L3. The most important point to note is that these models have the same clock frequency as their non-3D V-Cache equivalents.

The 7800X3D's improvements are similar to the 5800X3D's. The 7800X3D, like the 5800X3D, features 96MB L3 cache and 8MB L2 cache, like the 7700X. The 7800X3D maxes out at 5.0GHz instead of 5.4GHz like the 7700X. 5800X3D-like.

The L1 and L2 caches of the 7950X3D and 7900X3D are twice as large as those of the 7800X3D owing to two CCX units, however the L3 cache is only extended by 1.6, indicating that a single CCX is using all of the additional 3D V-Cache. The 7800X3D's lower clock rates may be justified as its gaming performance would otherwise be comparable to more costly 3D V-Cache variants.

AMD has produced low-cost desktop Ryzen 7000 series devices outside of the X series. Not X series goods. Ryzen 5 7600, 7 7700, and 9 7900 CPUs are included. The 7900, the first non-X Ryzen 9 component sold to retail consumers, is intriguing.

The 7600, 7900, and 7700 have 65W power restrictions and 100MHz, 200MHz, and 300MHz lower boost speeds than their X counterparts. AMD's Wraith Prism and Stealth coolers come with the 7900, 7700, and 7600.

The Ryzen 7000 Series - New Desktop and Mobile CPUs from AMD

AMD then introduced Ryzen 7000 mobile CPUs. The flagship Ryzen 7045 "Dragon Range" gaming and creative laptops and the flagship Ryzen 7040 "Phoenix" ultrathin laptops employ Zen4 architecture. Ryzen flagships both. The earliest x86 CPUs with an AI engine are these.

Zen3+-based Ryzen 7035 "Rembrandt-R" series is for high-end ultra-portables. Zen3-based Ryzen 7030 'Barcelo-R' series laptops are budget-friendly. The Ryzen 7020 "Mendocino" series, designed for budget PCs, uses Zen2 architecture.

As expected for a product introduction for laptops, the Ryzen 7000 for mobile has eighteen options.

The RDNA 3-based Radeon RX 7000 laptop graphics were also shown. Four variants are available: the high-end RX 7600M XT and RX 7600M for powerful gaming laptops; the low-end RX 7700S and RX 600S for thin and light laptops; and the RX 7700S and RX 600S. The 7600M XT and 7700S have 32 CPUs, whereas the other two have 28. All configurations include 32MB Infinity Cache and 8GB GDDR6 RAM. 7000S series clock rates are slower to conserve electricity.


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