Samsung allegedly knows that Apple would release its first-ever foldable device by 2024

By Ramsha Umer - Nov 6, 2022

Apple, a tech giant, is reportedly working on its highly anticipated first foldable device. The top leading company is renowned for bringing revolutions in the tech world and never ceases to amaze its loyal fan base. Surely not once misses a chance to mirror its competitors by introducing the most advanced devices with the latest features. Even though Apple isn't the first to release a foldable device yet to maintain its legacy, it would not bring a foldable iPhone, but more likely a foldable iPad. An iPad that can be folded, is indeed a travel-friendly device and convenient to carry around. As per a report from a Korean site, The Elec, Samsung MX officials recently got to know in a meeting with some component supplier companies about the widely increased demand for foldable devices. They revealed that youth on a huge scale are swapping from iPhones to Samsung foldable devices. This shifting is approximately measured at an amplified ratio of 2x and 3x as compared to the last couple of years. The other leading tech company, Samsung is on its fourth generation of foldable smartphones and is considered the best foldable smartphone manufacturer in the industry. It expects Apple to come up with a foldable iPad or a MacBook with all the exciting classy Apple features.
Samsung allegedly knows that Apple would release its first-ever foldable device by 2024
According to the previous month's report of CSS annual predictions, Apple would launch a foldable iPad rather than releasing a foldable iPhone. The report further continues to rationalize its stance by offering the fathomable logic that it would lead to the deterioration of a standard iPhone sale. Moreover, the report explains that if Apple continues to develop a foldable iPhone, then it must set its price to at least $2,500 to make a distinct price difference between a conventional iPhone with improved features, and an extensively latest foldable iPhone. However, it has become certain from various sources and now from a major rival, that Apple would launch a foldable device, not an iPhone, on top of that, presumably with its own 5G modem in 2024. Hopefully, we will have the first foldable iPad somewhere around 2024. Nonetheless, there is no news about its specifications, but what could we expect from the giant Apple company besides ultimate perfection?

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