Samsung and Maison Margiela collaborated to manufacture The Designer Galaxy Z Flip 4

By Ramsha Umer - Nov 10, 2022

As a leading technology company, Samsung is always on the hunt for innovation, sometimes by modifying existing products but most often by manufacturing splendid high-end devices. It is certainly not the first time, and the company has previously partnered with fashion designer Thom Browne to introduce a limited edition of appealing products in the tech market. Samsung and Maison Margiela are widely acclaimed for their unconventionality. They never step back to create great experimental products while celebrating their individuality.
Samsung and Maison Margiela collaborated to manufacture The Designer Galaxy Z Flip 4

The Enthralling Partnership:

The prominent firm has now come up with another jaw-dropping collaboration with Parisian haute couture Maison Margiela to introduce an altered edition of Galaxy Z Flip 4. These brands are powerhouses on their own, and what else could one expect from this partnership than having a fascinating limited edition phone? The highly anticipated collab has been in the swirling rumors for quite some time. Samsung has launched the unconventional Galaxy Z Flip 4 Maison Margiela Edition. The phone has finally been unveiled while portraying the essence of the designer philosophy along with exceptional design and unique accessories. Since the company only teased a couple of weeks ago that it would pair up with a Paris-based brand, it was unclear which product would be a limited edition. However, numerous leaked sources have shared that Galaxy Z Flip 4 would arrive as the Maison Margiela limited edition.

Core Inspiration:

Samsung portrays that the new version design of the limited edition revolves around Margiela’s unconventional concept. It says that the spirit of the phone “marries perfectly with Maison Margiela’s design philosophy, rooted in defiance, subversion, and rejection of convention.” The authorities put great efforts into complementing the core idea of non-conformity through each aspect of the smartphone.

A See-through Internal System:

The smartphone has a matte finish white color with a silver-white metal frame to enhance its overall appearance. To further reflect the fashion house couture’s décortiqué technique, the phone is designed so that its internal circuit can be seen through the translucent and ash-grey lines. These intricacies have captured great attention and appreciation in the tech industry.
Samsung and Maison Margiela collaborated to manufacture The Designer Galaxy Z Flip 4

Exciting UX Design, Packaging, and Matching Accessories:

The company has also introduced a distinct UX design that has icons and wallpapers, specifically made for limited versions. The UX designs include the latest 3D modeling technique and a scanning motion of an X-ray to provide an excellent user experience. The phone packaging and its accessories stand out among the rest. It depicts similar vibes of nonconformity and individuality. Samsung achieved its goal of "reimagining the newest member of the Galaxy family." It is made possible through the enchanting partnership with Maison Margiela.

Two Phone Cases based on Two Brand Techniques:

The avant-garde fashion house-inspired phone has two protective cases, a Ring Case and a Leather Case. The former ring case includes Margiela’s symbolic numeric coding while using it as a ring holder. And the latter leather case echoes Maison Margiela's bianchetto technique. This method represents the white backside with the designer’s signature feature of four stitches that indicates anonymity. The leather case is painted with multiple layers to generate a similar appearance to the fabric texture of a canvas. It would also possibly change with the passage of time.

Pricing and Availability:

The device may not be available globally due to the obvious reasons for being a special edition, because it might not be worldwide favored. The commendable, limited Galaxy Z Flip 4 Maison Margiela edition will hopefully be available in Hongkong, France, and South Korea. As of now, we haven't got an official word about pricing for the exclusive phone.

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