Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE Features a “Great Pen Experience”

By Zernab Farooqi - Nov 23, 2022

With its Wacom digitizer, the speculated Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE provides a "great pen experience," so the rumors go. Samsung's latest Fan Edition tablet, the Galaxy Tab S8 FE, will be the company's next in a run of successful product introductions. Though the leak's original source, Roland Quandt, did reveal some details about the upcoming tablet, it would be the understatement of the year to say that we know all there is to know about it.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE Features a “Great Pen Experience”
So, where do we stand now? Considering that we are aware that this is the same gadget that was discovered by Geekbench and that its codename is Birdie, it is reasonable to conclude that. These results received a performance score of 773 on a single core and a score of 2318 on all of the cores combined. This suggests that we shouldn't expect the tablet to have blazing-fast processing speeds given that its target demographic is expected to be in the middle of the road. According to Brandt, we should plan on the device being equipped with an LCD screen since, once again, this fits the demographic profile of the expected customer base. The rumor of a Wacom digitizer that would give a "great pen experience" is said to be the most interesting component of this story, according to the source who leaked the information. The degree to which we can assume that this item will deliver capabilities equivalent to those of the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil is still an open issue, but at least we know that compatibility with the S Pen will be included in the device itself when it is ready. However, it is all the information that we already have. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE will eventually become available for purchase, but unfortunately, there is no information available at this moment on a release schedule or an estimate of how much it will cost.

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