Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Revealed Specifications with a Bigger Display

By Ramsha Umer - Dec 3, 2022

Galaxy Z Flip 5 is the highly anticipated device that Samsung will release in a couple of months. Tech insiders and other leaked sources revealed that the upcoming foldable device would overcome the shortcomings of the previous model. Samsung launched it's Galaxy Z Flip 4 with all the fanfare and tech enthusiasts were also excited to have a premium foldable device. Although later on, consumers faced some notable glitches in the foldable design and display.
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Revealed Specifications with a Bigger Display
The prevailing rumors are shared by a renowned name in the tech world, Display Supply Chain Consultants CEO Ross Young. There are two parts to his rumor. He has revealed some accurate news in the past, so hopes are high that we may have the Flip 5 as an improved and updated version. However, his leaked news sometimes turned out to be false. Hence, there is still speculation among the brand’s loyal fans about what to expect from the clamshell device. Ross believes that Z Flip 5 would arrive with a larger display. The current foldable smartphone, Flip 4, has an adequate display size of a 1.9” cover screen. However, as per the leaked news, the forthcoming foldable is expected to have a bigger outer display panel of 3.3” to 3.4"-inch. Assuming the device arrives with the same increased size, it will be almost 60% larger than the previously launched foldable smartphone. (Source @DSCC) The second part of the rumor revealed that Z Flip 5 would have an invisible crease in the display panel. The crease line at the center is an eyesore and a strong reason for criticism of the recently launched Flip 4 since it compromises the user experience. The anticipated forthcoming device will likely "reduce the visibility of the seam” and make the crease almost invisible due to the new hinge of the device.

Further revealed specifications:

Besides the leaked news of a bigger display, there are other swirling rumors of other revealed specifications of Z Flip 5. The clamshell foldable is said to come with an improved secondary display with upgraded resolution pixels and a higher refresh rate. As for the processor, the smartphone will likely run on the newly released Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 2 and Android 13 OS. Samsung is supposed to cater to draining battery backup complaints through the next clamshell foldable device with fast-wired and wireless charging.
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Revealed Specifications with a Bigger Display
Samsung never steps back when it comes to turning its shortcomings into strengths. It would not be the first time that Samsung would launch its high-end device with a larger cover display and an upgraded hinge. The competition to bring devices with the latest specifications is increasing, and tech companies are doing their utmost to be on the front line. Samsung, a long-lived Korean brand, is supposed to bring considerable change with each new device launch. That is why tech geeks expect the upcoming premium foldable to continue the legacy with enhanced specifications.

Availability and expected launch details

Samsung launched its on-going latest foldable smartphone a few months back in August 2022. Henceforth, the expected release of Z Flip 5 is in mid-2023. It may get released somewhere around the coming of August or September. After a couple of months of the official release, the leading company will make the premium foldable device available around the globe. We have our eyes on all the leaked news of Z Flip 5 and will update you in a few more weeks

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