Samsung has planned upcoming fold will have superior cameras and an S Pen slot

By Mahnoor Mushtaq - Nov 3, 2022

If you think the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is fantastic (which it unquestionably is) and the Z Flip 4 is decent in its own right (which is also undeniably true), chances are good that you'll love what the Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5 have to offer the following year, assuming Samsung is successful in all of its endeavors. Although no specific future devices are mentioned in the most recent report from TheElec in Korea, which was based on inside sources familiar with Samsung's foldable development plans, it is safe to assume that the world's largest smartphone manufacturer will be working hard to incorporate several potentially game-changing technologies and features into the Galaxy Z Fold 5 in 2023.
Samsung has planned upcoming fold will have superior cameras and an S Pen slot
Although some of the improvements the business tried to achieve in time for the Z Fold 4 release this year might not be available with the Z Fold 5 either, at least a few significant enhancements have an excellent possibility of happening in the autumn.

With the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, will S Pen return?

Samsung's next Galaxy Z Fold 5 foldable phone, which is expected to debut in the second half of 2023, may include a new S Pen slot. The company stopped making the Note series in favor of the Galaxy Z-series and added a number of features to the S22 Ultra. The Galaxy S23 Ultra is said to include an S Pen slot as well. Users will still have a Note phone-like experience as a result of it, but the Galaxy Z Fold 5's S Pen slot could be far more useful. Given the overall form factor, connecting the S Pen to the chassis separately is now necessary and might not look good. On the larger foldable screen, users will have a better canvas on which to doodle, create artwork, or do anything else with the S Pen. The smart pen for the Galaxy S22 Ultra also supports Air Gestures, which lets users do various tasks by pressing the tiny button and moving it in different ways. A similar function could be present in the Galaxy Z Fold 5.
Samsung has planned upcoming fold will have superior cameras and an S Pen slot

Huge market expansion is coming.

Speaking about the mainstream tech landscape, it's noteworthy to note that foldable currently accounts for a negligible 1 percent of the whole smartphone market, a share that is predicted to increase over the next years at an unmatched rate. Samsung only has one competition to worry about in its aim to consolidate an early crushing dominance of the worldwide market, with current users demonstrating "excellent satisfaction" levels and an increasing number of individuals eager to join the emerging category. Remember that we're talking about Apple here rather than Huawei, Xiaomi, or Motorola, even if it's anticipated that the first foldable iPhone won't be available for several more years and that just a rudimentary version of the iPad Fold will be available at some point.

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