Samsung's Galaxy to Share Syncs the Settings of the Good Lock Software Across Devices

By Mahnoor Mushtaq - Dec 1, 2022

One of the most excellent features of One UI is Good Lock, which offers a wide range of customization options typically available in custom ROMs. The team of developers was able to get all of Good Lock's modules working with One UI 4 before it was made available to the general public, even though they frequently break whenever a new version of One UI is launched. With the launch of some of this year's top phones, Good Lock's 2022 update has already begun to roll out and brings many new possibilities. One of the Good Lock team members posted the recent changes on Samsung's South Korean forum, according to SamMobile. With the help of a new Good Lock module from Samsung, you can sync settings between Galaxy devices from different Good Lock modules. The Good Lock platform enables Galaxy customers to modify a few system settings and further personalize their smartphones if unaware.
Samsung's Galaxy to Share Syncs the Settings of the Good Lock Software Across Devices

Detailed Information

Using Galaxy to Share, you may share your Good Lock app settings with other devices. When launched, it will support the Keys Cafe, Theme Park, LockStar, NavStar, MultiStar, QuickStar, ClockFace, Home Up, One Hand Operation+, and Sound Assistant Good Lock applications. Although it is not presently supported, the Camera Assistant Good Lock app will most likely be in the future. Your Galaxy phone may not be able to use Galaxy to Share since it is region-locked. This new module was added to Good Lock as part of the most recent version upgrade. Galaxy device owners can use Galaxy to Share to move their Good Lock settings from one device to every other one they own. The following standalone Good Lock applications and modules are supported: According to the source, One Hand Operation+, LockStar, NavStar, MultiStar, QuickStar, ClockFace, Keys Cafe, Theme Park, and LockStar, as well as Sound Assistant. When enabled, the voice changer in SoundAssistant may be accessed from your notification shade whenever your microphone is in use. There are nine voice changers available, none of which sound well in addition to acting like they are in a Scream movie. Further, the volume panel used in DeX mode can be customized. Samsung is allegedly creating a brand-new mobile application named "Self Repair Assistant" for DIY enthusiasts. SamMobile claims that the internet giant's most recent trademark application made clear information about the company's goal for itself—Repair service. According to the trademark application, the program's icon consists of a stylized cogwheel and a wrench on a blue background. A "computer application program for mobile phones for self-installation and self-maintenance of smartwatches, tablets, mobile phones, and earphones," according to the trademark application, is what "Self Repair Assistant" is.

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